SAP EWM Greenfield Implementation for a pharmaceutical company

Thanks to the LeverX team, a customer streamlined warehouse operations and increased material traceability with SAP EWM.


Thanks to the LeverX team, a customer streamlined warehouse operations and increased material traceability with SAP EWM.



An international pharmaceutical company with the constantly growing market share and strong reputation as a responsible business and a reliable partner. 

Project Goals

Our team needed to implement the SAP EWM solution into the business processes. The solution is intended to provide compliance with industry standards.


The SAP EWM project implementation helped the client reach their business goals, including full traceability of raw materials and supplies, 100% compliance with GMP and FDA pharmaceutical standards, etc.

Solution Description

Automation of master data maintenance across the warehouses

  • SAP EWM implementation and customization for three warehouse divisions
  • Storage cell labeling.

Automation of intra-warehouse operations

  • Automation of the goods movement within the warehouse
  • Management of warehouse replenishment
  • performing inventory using data collection terminals (DCT)
  • Goods retirement
  • Task and resource management

Automation of inbound/outbound processes

  • Receipt of materials from external suppliers. Establishing barcode standards for raw materials and materials for production; printing output and barcode labels.
  • Acquisition/Issue of materials. Our team developed an SAP ERP program for data collection terminals to simplify material transfer from warehouse to the manufacturing department, and vice versa.
  • Inbound materials quality control. Thanks to the functionality developed by LeverX, quality control specialists select needed raw materials for examination using the DCT. Placement of materials in stock Automatic selection of the optimal placement algorithm is available.
  • FIFO- and FEFO-based inventory. Automatic processing of goods according to FIFO (First In, First Out) and FEFO (First Expired, First Out) inventory control strategies.

Key Features

Leverx Group works with companies and organizations to address the complex challenges of today's business world. Each of our partners is an experienced, innovative, and proven leader in their respective fields.


SAP PLM is a solid basis for the automotive industry. This solution helps digitize and automate manufacturing processes and work more efficiently with suppliers and partners.

Aerospace & Defense

The solution allows aerospace and defense companies to reduce the time to market for innovations without compromising safety while simulating innovation scenarios along a complex value chain.

Food & Beverage

SAP PLM provides the food & beverage industry with all the required technologies that help to develop sustainable, traceable, high-quality products within a shorter time.

Consumer Goods

With SAP PLM, this industry can exceed the diverse expectations of consumers and enable sustainably and profitably growth for the business.


SAP PLM helps to make pharmaceutical production more effective and with lower risk.


The LeverX project team included a project manager, technical architect, SAP EWM consultants, SAP integration consultants, and SAP EWM developers. They were responsible for:

  • SAP EWM Greenfield implementation;
  • Implementing the solution across warehouse division, the quality control department, and manufacturing departments;
  • Customizing SAP EWM according to the specifics of customer’s business processes;
  • SAP EWM and SAP ERP development;
  • Integrating SAP ERP with a third-party system utilized by the quality control department.
After implementation, the LeverX expert team provided support for the solution.




SAP Extended Warehouse Management


Document Management

  • Document Release
  • Material Master Release and Extension
  • Sales Order Release
  • Manufacturing Instruction Release

Request Management

  • Procurement Request
  • Tooling Change Request
  • Shop Floor Issue Request
  • Customer Issue Request
  • Plant Maintenance Work Request
  • Request for Quote


After the SAP EWM project implementation, the pharmaceutical company achieved all business goals:

  • Full traceability of raw materials and supplies
  • Higher quality of warehouse operations
  • 100% compliance with GMP and FDA pharmaceutical standards
  • Automation of manual material distribution and accounting processes
  • Up to 35% increase in warehouse staff productivity
  • Up to 15% less time spent on material transfer order processing
  • Up to 40% fewer material movements within the warehouse

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