Take advantage of SAP Service Cloud and streamline customer service processes

SAP Service Cloud is a tool that allows providing personalized services to each client

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Provide customers with high-quality service available across all communication channels

SAP Service Cloud is a solution for organizing the entire service cycle, starting from the creation of offers to service departments' efficiency monitoring.

SAP Service Cloud goes beyond the classic service, allowing you to:

  • quickly solve customer problems through omnichannel interaction
  • enjoy the convenience of using the field service system
  • immediately identify issues and minimize downtimes
  • get quick and convenient access to information (regardless of where it is stored)
  • use next-generation technologies such as conversational AI that improves interactions


Unleash the power of your customer service with SAP Service Cloud!


SAP Service Cloud helps you establish a unified service environment

Well-coordinated work of service specialists, a sound resource planning system, the availability of self-services, the interconnection between all communication channels — all these level-ups with SAP Service Cloud are increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction.


What features of SAP Service Cloud contribute to a unique user experience?

  • Omnichannel interactions

All interactions through emails, phones, SMS, online chats, and social networks get recorded and then can be found in the interaction history of the client's profile.

  • Competent planning

The built-in resource planner allows managers to evaluate the workload before assigning tasks.

  • Analytics

Reports and informational dashboards allow analyzing and measuring customer service performance in real time.

  • Self-service

Self-service tools make it easier for customers to find answers to their questions, in this way improving the quality of service.

  • Mobile app

It is possible to use the solution on both iOS and Android and access data in both online and offline modes.


The LeverX team will ensure fast implementation of SAP Service Cloud

Do you want to get the most out of every client? It is possible when you provide high-level services that contribute to the establishment of long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with your clients. SAP Service Cloud is designed to help you with that, and LeverX experts will ensure fast and smooth implementation of the solution into your business processes.

Upon your request, we can integrate the solution with other SAP systems and configure it to ensure stable functioning.

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