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SAP Commerce Cloud

Drive a top-line e-сommerce platform that innovates at scale and create an outstanding customer experience.

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SAP Commerce Cloud Services

Business value analysis

We examine your business processes and IT landscape to identify optimization opportunities and provide recommendations to maximize your investment in SAP Commerce Cloud.


We simplify your SAP CC implementation journey, helping you design strategic plans and make informed decisions as you pursue your business goals.


From planning to execution, LeverX ensures a seamless implementation of SAP Commerce Cloud into your IT landscape.


We ensure smooth data flow and process efficiency when integrating SAP Commerce Cloud with your existing SAP, third-party, or on-premises systems.

Custom development

Our team provides tailored development services to extend and enhance the functionality of SAP CC, ensuring the system meets your unique business requirements and drives innovation.


We facilitate a seamless transition of your data and applications, using SAP-recommended tools or our own SAP data management solution, DataLark.

Smart E-commerce Services in Numbers


higher time to value

Time-to-market improvements by 70% on scaling efforts within one cloud solution.

revenue uplift

Customer data usage and personalization allow businesses to experience a significant increase in online and mobile revenues.


The process of implementation is monitored and approved with consistent and timely help.

SAP Commerce Cloud vs. Hybris

Hybris, acquired by SAP in 2013, was a prominent e-commerce platform offering customer engagement and commerce solutions. It paved the way for SAP Commerce Cloud, a part of SAP's Customer Experience suite, focusing on seamless omnichannel commerce experiences, encompassing online, offline, mobile, and in-store channels.

Whether in the cloud or on-premise, numerous functions support you in pursuing a customer-centric business approach. By providing access to real-time customer data, SAP Commerce Cloud (SAP CC) contributes to improved sales and increased customer loyalty.

Benefits of SAP Commerce Cloud

Why do discerning business representatives consider SAP Commerce Cloud implementation to both win the competition and the sympathy of customers? Here are key cloud-based system benefits for eCommerce:

B2B and B2C solution

62% of B2B and 42% of B2C customers purchased more after a good experience. Simultaneously connect all touchpoints, creating a clean and professional purchasing process for all end users, and enhance your B2B sales with B2C capabilities.

Order management in seconds

Complete orders quickly and efficiently by providing customers with extended buying, collection, and return options both online and in-store. Streamline order fulfillment and enhance the turnaround time by analyzing transparent details on the inventory visibility module.


SAP Commerce Cloud is integrated with other components of SAP C/4HANA front-office applications, including SAP Service Cloud, SAP Marketing Cloud, and SAP Sales Cloud, as well as with SAP S/4HANA back-office processes.

Cloud platform options

Introduce new, personalized, complex products for customers, no matter where or at what volume they are produced. In addition, adopting a cloud-computing solution provides you with amped-up security measures with backup and restore options.

Customer experience management

SAP Commerce Cloud architecture allows you to deliver a holistic shopping experience by recording the data patterns of the customers accessing the website. This helps to set precise personalized recommendations and promotional campaigns in advance.

Real-time customer support

Lower service costs by real-time resolution of customer problems on a scalable and proven E-commerce platform, where everything is provided with a user-friendly interaction. Boost customer loyalty by giving your clients a caring attitude and individual attention.

Product content management

Give your customers instant access to the relevant product information they need to make an informed buying decision. Use current product data from supplier portals, documents, ERP systems, and image files for more efficient marketing processes.
Boost your profits and customer satisfaction with a trusted e-commerce platform!

SAP Commerce Cloud for B2B and B2C


SAP Commerce Cloud for B2C

Discover how SAP Commerce Cloud empowers businesses to adapt to rapidly changing consumer demands, enabling agility and ensuring a competitive edge in the dynamic B2C landscape.



SAP Commerce Cloud for B2B

Learn how SAP Commerce Cloud contributes to B2B growth, empowering businesses to scale, expand market reach, and capitalize on new opportunities.


SAP Commerce Cloud Modules

Catalog Management Module

SAP CC Catalog Management Module allows businesses to efficiently manage product catalogs, categories, and product variants.

  • Easily create, update, and organize product listings with streamlined product management.
  • Improve customer experience with personalized offerings, accurate and up-to-date product information.
  • Boost sales by providing a well-structured, easy-to-navigate catalog.

Order Management Module

SAP CC Order Management Module manages the end-to-end order fulfillment process, from order creation to delivery.

  • Gain real-time insights into order visibility, delivery status, and inventory levels.
  • Automate order routing, allocation, and returns management.
  • Provide customers with order tracking and flexible delivery options across all channels.

Marketing Module

SAP CC Marketing Module enables businesses to create and execute targeted marketing campaigns and promotions.

  • Tailor marketing messages and promotions based on customer data.
  • Improve conversion rates, increase customer engagement, and drive sales through targeted campaigns.
  • Gain data-driven insights into campaign performance and customer behavior.

Customer Service Module

SAP CC Customer Service Module focuses on delivering exceptional customer service and support.

  • Ensure omnichannel customer support through chat, email, and phone.
  • Improve case management by timely tracking and resolving customer inquiries and issues.
  • Deliver exceptional service to build lasting customer relationships and strengthen your brand’s position among competitors.

Discover the SAP Commerce Cloud System Architecture

Everywhere Commerce
Intelligent Selling Services
Experience Management

Everywhere Commerce

  • Decoupled JavaScript storefront
    Create engaging progressive web app (PWA) storefronts to deliver the best possible experience on every device or location.
  • Powerful search capabilities
    Help your customers find what they're looking for and promote the right products with powerful search capabilities.
  • Flexible built-in promotion
    Drive your sales and conversions with flexible built-in promotion capabilities.
  • Plug-and-play integration
    Use plug-and-play integration to deliver a scalable shopping cart and checkout experience with payment services and tax management.

SAP Commerce Cloud Architecture in Full View

Group 1941
Why Entrust Your Business Tasks To SAP Commerce Cloud?

Pull data from your back-end systems and suppliers into one central location at the touch of a button. With a broad functionality on SAP Commence Cloud, you’ll be able to:

  • Quickly implement new business models and customer touchpoints
  • Achieve profitable results using data-driven analytics
  • Turn employees into trusted advisors
  • Simplify processes and reduce risks associated with eCommerce strategy
  • Increase customer confidence in your competitive advantage

Get all-round support for your online business on a single cloud platform


Industries We Serve

Why Choose LeverX as Your SAP Implementation Provider?


  • LeverX is an International company with 14 offices in 10 countries that specializes in SAP Implementation and customization.
  • Full-cycle technology consulting, development, and cost-effective implementation services for successful business transformation and sustainability.
  • We offer custom software development services to companies to deliver tailor-made solutions that cater to clients' specific requirements


  • Short engagement ramp-up and project set-up, strong management
  • Continuous investment in innovation and early adoption of cutting-edge technologies (Data Science, IoT, Artificial intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain etc.)
  • Creation of projects in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 55001 quality and safety standards.


  • 20+ years of working with SAP solutions. LeverX is an SAP-certified partner and preferred vendor.
  • 1 600 IT-experts with deep knowledge of the latest SAP technologies and solutions.
  • 950+ successful projects. We help companies of all sizes and across various industries to leverage the power of SAP.

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SAP Commerce Cloud Implementation With LeverX

The five main steps you will take with our SAP experts.
SAP CC platform supports B2B and B2C, and is multi-brand and multi-region. We collaborate with the customer to establish project goals for SAP software implementation. Also, we define precise management and reporting mechanisms. 


Before moving forward, we ensure the project scope aligns with the customer's business requirements. We create a cutover plan and validate the commerce solution's suitability for delivering data-driven insights across all channels.


Here, our experts configure and integrate SAP Commerce Cloud components and industry-specific functions into your IT infrastructure, tailoring the system to your needs.


This phase involves transferring data from legacy systems into the SAP production environment, including data on inventory levels, availability, products, and customers. We conduct comprehensive testing and verify user roles and authorizations.


Finally, we deploy the platform, providing ongoing support, fixes, and monitoring to ensure a seamless adaptation of an omnichannel solution to your business processes.