Sales Optimization with the SAP Sales Cloud Solution

Improve customer experience with SAP Sales Cloud

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SAP Sales Cloud is a tool for optimizing the sales process and creating a unique customer experience

SAP Sales Cloud (formerly: SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer, or SAP С4C) is a customer relationship management platform that automates sales, improves sales efficiency, and optimizes interaction with customers at every stage, from finding them to tracking payments.


How to improve sales performance with SAP Sales Cloud?

SAP Sales Cloud solution allows your business to:

  • Automate sales processes by reducing the duration of their cycles
  • Provide more accurate recommendations with the help of built-in analytics and forecasting tools
  • Increase sales efficiency with the help of collaboration tools and automation of administrative tasks
  • Achieve greater mobility by synchronizing online and offline data

Sales specialists devote more time to the accomplishment of strategic goals and promising deals, which results in significant sales growth and improved customer experience.



Main functions and advantages of SAP Sales Cloud

What features of the SAP Sales Cloud solution help to increase the efficiency of your interactions with clients?

  • Collaboration tools
  • Mobility (support of iOS, Android, and Windows)
  • Interactive panels
  • Custom reporting
  • Comprehensive real-time customer analytics
  • Synchronization with email clients (Google Gmail, Microsoft Outlook)
  • Integration with other SAP solutions
  • Intuitive and highly customizable interface


The key benefits of SAP Sales Cloud:
Focus on strategic customer acquisition

Focus on strategic customer acquisition

Sales professionals spend minimum time on routine tasks and maximum — on making successful deals.

Individual approach to each client

Individual approach to each client

Predictive analytics helps you generate smart recommendations and choose the best ways of creating great user experiences.

Optimization of the sales department

Optimization of the sales department

Scheduling tools and analytics help to distribute tasks to salespeople in the most efficient manner.


LeverX experts will implement effective sales optimization methods into your business

Do you want to improve and automate sales operations in your organization? The LeverX team helps you leverage the benefits of SAP Sales Cloud, providing you with the ability to deliver a seamless sales experience.

To ensure that the implemented SAP solution will bring maximum benefits to customer relationship management, we thoroughly analyze your business, the development strategy, and operations with customers.

SAP Sales Cloud services we offer include consulting, implementation, integration, updates, and support of the system.

Take advantage of our hands-on experience, expertise in various industries, and technical knowledge to leverage SAP best practices and get a solution that would allow you to find an approach to each client and ensure your company's success.