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Integrate a powerful solution to discover and keep the industry’s best talents

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Adopt SAP HCM to thrive in a talent-driven economy

Enhance your employee management capabilities to improve the overall performance of the company. The LeverX team uses the SAP Human Capital Management solution to provide our customers with a strong competitive advantage in hiring, engaging, and retaining the most knowledgeable and passionate people in the industry.

LeverX will help you integrate SAP HCM in the most effective way to reap all the benefits of the implementation:

  • Improve your understanding of available and required talents
  • Measure employee performance and help your team members grow
  • Retain key company talents
  • Standardize HR processes to reduce administrative costs
  • Automate analytics and report generation

LeverX consultants and architects strive to deliver a simple, user-friendly solution that will reduce the workload of your HR department and help them focus on what they do best – recruit, manage, and train your workforce.

React to changes faster with SAP Organizational Management

SAP Organizational Management (SAP PA-OS) offers a range of flexible tools that improve and facilitate planning and management of company resources. LeverX helps businesses leverage SAP PA-OS capabilities to streamline employee improvement and planning processes, as well as compensation payouts.

Do more with SAP PA-OS tools at your disposal:

  • Receive relevant organizational data exactly when you need it
  • Model, simulate, and compare different organizational structures
  • Easily generate reports for any period of time you need

SAP PA-OS prioritizes user experience in all day-to-day operations. The tool is designed to provide good UI and data visualization options for the creation of an organizational structure as well as management of the general structure of the company and its departments.

The LeverX team implements the SAP PA-OS solution to help your company build and manage your entire organizational structure, while supporting the centralizing and maintenance of organizational management functions. With SAP PA-OS, we help your team improve their reaction time to changes within the company structure and operate in seamless integration with other components of the SAP HCM.

Automate a new employee training process with SAP Personnel Administration

SAP Personnel Administration provides a single point of storing, retrieving, and managing data about all employees in the company. The component works as a central gateway into all employee records that exist within the organization.

The SAP Personnel Administration component (SAP PA-PA) offers:

  • Centralized storage and management of all personnel data
  • Complete and actionable information on all company employees
  • Full compliance with local regulations and laws
  • Flexible and automated reporting capabilities
  • Transparent and clear representation of HR processes
  • Adherence to best practices in hiring and human resource management

Working with an experienced integration team, our customers can be sure that their implementation is completely optimized to their specific business needs and works smoothly with other SAP and non-SAP solutions, providing your business with a powerful tool specifically designed to automate and streamline all HR-related activities – electronic document management (based on SAP Business Workflow), operational management, data stream management, and many others.

By integrating SAP PA-PA into your business, we ensure you leverage all the potential of the system. Streamline every operation related to hiring and training of new company employees, thus creating a standardized and quality-focused experience for all of them.

SAP Personnel Time Management: use every second to your advantage

SAP PT is one of the most important modules within SAP HCM. It works as an intelligent planning tool that is designed to facilitate the adoption of effective time management strategies within your organization. By integrating SAP PT into your business workflows, you achieve::

  • Easy planning of employee timetables
  • Smart tracking of work time or paid and sick leaves
  • Transparent reports and analysis of employee activities
  • User-friendly interface that facilitates user adoption rates
  • Improved complex compensation processing including overtime and contract work

By implementing SAP PT, the LeverX team facilitates the creation and adoption of effective time management policies throughout the company. We also help to install and maintain a reliable system for the accurate and secure calculation of employee compensation.

SAP PT supports both centralized and decentralized time management models, which means our customers are not restricted in their choice of TM approaches. The system UI is user-friendly and easy – it was specifically designed that way to reduce the training costs of new users who have to post time in the system from day one.

Calculate compensation with 100% precision and confidence in the results using SAP Payroll

SAP Payroll is one of the most in-demand applications within SAP HCM. It works in conjunction with other SAP HCM components, complementing their capabilities by generating reports and managing payroll throughout the organization. The solution makes it easier for your HR team to collect, store, and manage payroll data based on everyday employee performance.

SAP Payroll is a reliable and agile system with an outstanding productivity potential:

• Easy-to-use tools for streamlined calculation of everyday payroll data
• Transparent support for taxes, contract work, Social Security payments, business trip costs, etc.
• Automated report generation in compliance with the laws and regulations of the country your company operates in
• Secure storage and management of sensitive financial data
• Streamlined day-to-day operations related to data collection
• Built-in integration with the most popular non-SAP, customer-specific systems

As an experienced integrator, LeverX focuses on bringing maximum value to your SAP Payroll implementation. The accuracy, transparency, and reliability of SAP Payroll data helps to eliminate calculation errors and reduce risks related to incorrect tax operations management.

Find, hire, retain, and build loyalty with the SAP Recruitment module for SAP HCM

The LeverX team fully understands the specific recruiting challenges that businesses are facing. Companies allocate significant resources to finding, interviewing, and selecting the best applicants to fill open job positions.

SAP Recruitment covers all recruitment-related company activities. This solution helps businesses implement a solid platform to control all workflows related to employee management – from initiating large-scale hiring campaigns and working on attracting new applicants to generating regulations-compliant reports.

SAP Recruitment is an optimal choice to:

  • Hire candidates in accordance with the company's recruitment standards
  • Efficiently find optimal applicants
  • Save time and money by speeding up the hiring process
  • Facilitate collaboration with third-party recruiters
  • Increase the productivity of the HR department
  • Reduce company turnover and increase employee loyalty

SAP Recruitment is designed to create an integrated interaction scheme with the best experts in the industry. It's a comprehensive solution that allows the HR department to oversee the complete process of hiring talent – from planning and budgeting to employment and retention activities.


Define the landscape to implement the module

SAP S/4HANA Implementation

  • New generation ERP system that enables digital transformation
  • It will replace the traditional SAP ECC after 2027
  • Cloud, on-premise and hybrid deployment
  • Built-in predictive analytics
  • Improved performance and faster processing of large data volumes

SAP ECC Implementation

  • SAP ECC and modules will no longer be supported after 2027
  • Limited functionality, which is a barrier to digital transformation
  • Lack of in-built intelligent technologies
  • Outdated SAP ECC features
  • Only on-premise deployment (database with disk drives)

Start building your dream team with LeverX

We implement – and customize to your needs – a centralized, SAP-powered solution that takes care of compensation, performance management, recruiting, payroll, benefits, and other HR activities.

Transform your HR infrastructure into a strong competitive advantage for your company:

  • Get rid of manual paper processes
  • Attract and retain key performers
  • Reduce cost per hire
  • Monitor goals and employee performance
  • Prevent HR software decentralization

Contact us for a detailed discussion of how LeverX can help your company overcome any blind spots in the HR area and implement better solutions for your business needs.