National and Tax Accounting

Simplify national and tax accounting with the SAP FI module.

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Reduce time needed for the creation of financial reporting with SAP FI

SAP Financial Accounting (FI) is a solution that allows you to perform business transactions, keep records of the company's assets and liabilities as well as generate financial statements.

With SAP FI, ​​enterprises organize financial accounting in accordance with national and international legislation and tax codes.

National accounting is an approach to financial reporting that implies the preparation of reports complying with national standards.

Tax accounting is conducted together with the national and is aimed to optimize tax accounting processes.

SAP FI allows companies to receive all the necessary reporting in the shortest time and solve all financial issues related to cash flow, including profits, costs, payroll, taxation, etc.

Keeping financial records with SAP FI means ensuring maximum transparency and increased speed of operations

The benefits of financial reporting with SAP FI include:

Full transparency of all processes in the system

Full transparency of all processes in the system

Each transaction is reflected in the system, which means that even in case of reversal, utmost transparency in actions is achieved.

Creating documents in non-leading ledgers

Creating documents in non-leading ledgers

Users receive only reliable information.

Valuation of fixed assets

Valuation of fixed assets, intangible assets, capital investments, and stocks

SAP FI makes it possible to maintain various cost estimates for fixed assets and stocks without double data entry. The SAP FI-AA (Asset Accounting) component helps to predict the residual value of fixed assets for the required time period.

Three parallel currencies in accounting

Parallel currencies in accounting

SAP FI allows accounting in several national currencies while meeting several standards (national, international, and administrative).

Fiscal and calendar year

Fiscal and calendar year

The system provides a flexible tool to generate fiscal year periods that differ from calendar.

One-time data entry into the system

One-time data entry into the system

Integration of FI with other SAP modules eliminates the possibility of duplicated information and allows easily moving from a financial document to primary (purchasing, sales, warehousing, production, etc.), thus providing the ability to review information from different analytical perspectives.


Define the landscape to implement the module

SAP S/4HANA Implementation

  • New generation ERP system that enables digital transformation
  • It will replace the traditional SAP ECC after 2027
  • Cloud, on-premise and hybrid deployment
  • Built-in predictive analytics
  • Improved performance and faster processing of large data volumes

SAP ECC Implementation

  • SAP ECC and modules will no longer be supported after 2027
  • Limited functionality, which is a barrier to digital transformation
  • Lack of in-built intelligent technologies
  • Outdated SAP ECC features
  • Only on-premise deployment (database with disk drives)

The experience of LeverX experts allows your business to take full advantage of SAP FI for national and tax accounting

After each SAP FI implementation, we witness that this module is an ideal solution for the facilitation of financial and tax accounting operations. To help companies automate and improve tax accounting processes, the LeverX SAP FI experts have implemented the following tax types:

  • Value-added tax (VAT)
  • Income tax
  • Property tax
  • Land tax
  • Transport tax
  • Water tax, etc

The geography of our clients with delivered SAP FI solutions covers Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Latvia, Switzerland, Germany, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Romania.

Thanks to hands-on expertise and a large number of completed projects in these countries, the LeverX team is well aware of all the taxation peculiarities in various regions. This allows us to implement SAP FI in the shortest time, taking into account the specifics of the company's business.

We will be happy to answer all your questions about the SAP FI module and its beneficial potential for your business!