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Keep your valuable corporate data and assets safe with Leverx!

Identify, Analyze, and Prevent Cyberattacks with SAP Enterprise Threat Detection

SAP Enterprise Threat Detection is a tool that provides real-time security analytics. It effectively manages the system’s vulnerability to external and internal cyber threats and provides data loss prevention.

Data collection from the entire SAP landscape

Analyze and correlate the log data, and thereby get a complete picture of your IT landscape security.


Identification of users’ suspicious activity

Detect threats at the both application server and database levels.


Event correlation and creation of event-based incidents

Create attack detection patterns without the need to code, and integrate built-in patterns with individually generated.


Automatic response and alerting

Increase operational security by continuous system monitoring in real-time and generate alerts in case of system attacks.


Attack investigation

Investigate all detected attacks based on generated alerts.


Integration with both SAP and non-SAP systems

Integrate with SAP solutions and third-party systems and components that make up your IT landscape.

Minimize the Impact of Any Data Breach with SAP UI Logging and Field Masking

Confidential data access management is one of the key requirements for effective data security. SAP UI Logging and SAP Field Masking features help you assign employees’ roles within the system and determine their access levels.

Moreover, they help solve the following issues:

  • Logging based on the user interface. All entered and displayed data are documented
  • User management. Logging options configuration is based on users, their roles, profiles, and groups.
  • Alerting. Configuration of the notifications that are sent when specific data is accessed.
  • Log analysis. Logged data is analyzed for specific key fields across all platforms.

LeverX experts will implement the following SAP GRC solutions:


SAP Risk Management

Make responsible, risk-aware decisions and track the effectiveness of your actions.


SAP Process Control

Get your internal control programs run smoothly by process automation and compliance management.


SAP Access Control

Grant your employees applications and services access they need without exposing data and processes to unauthorized use.


SAP Fraud Management

Detect and investigate suspicious patterns with behavioral analytics to reduce the risk of future fraud.


SAP Audit Management

Ensure audit quality and get valuable insights by aligning your entire business with critical risks and controls.

Establish Centralized User Access Management Within Your Enterprise with SAP Identity Management

SAP Identity Management (IDM) component manages the full users’ identification lifecycle, from creating to moving through various positions within systems (applications, databases, directory services, etc.). You can define user access rights and manage their identification in enterprise applications, both SAP and third-party.

Moreover, this solution allows to:

  • Store all identities in one place and eliminate their redundancy even in complex SAP and third-party systems.
  • Optimize the assignment and access rights maintenance across multiple systems with business rules and policies.
  • Use central reporting features.
  • Reduce segregation of duties risks with integration with SAP Access Control.
  • Automatically remove access rights for users who have left the company.

Strengthen Security And Streamline Administration with SAP Single Sign-On

SAP Single Sign-On provides fast and secure access to all the applications and services you need for work. You don’t need to perform separate log-in procedures for each business application. Other benefits are as follows:


  • There is no need for re-authorization
  • Business users don’t need to remember passwords for every system
  • All passwords are secure and centrally managed

Cost reduction

  • Lower number of calls for recovering passwords and unlocking accounts reduces desk costs
  • Productivity increases as employees do not have to spend time re-authorizing in the system


  • Implementation of new solutions for users is rapid and smooth
  • There is no problem with frequent password changes across systems
  • You easily implement the password policy and company security policy

Your Business Is Safe and Secure With LeverX

For over 20 years of close cooperation with SAP, LeverX has acquired deep expertise in SAP solutions. We’ll help you benefit from SAP implementation.

With the LeverX team, you get:

  • Carefully review and analysis of your entire IT landscape.
  • Solutions that will help you protect your system from cyberattacks and fraudsters.
  • Implementation of the available SAP data security solutions and services into your system — SAP Enterprise Threat Detection, SAP Identity Management, SAP GRC, etc.
  • Solutions customization under your business needs and integrate them with both SAP and third-party systems if required.

Moreover, LeverX specialists can audit and test your security system, help identify its gaps, and quickly eliminate them. To that end, we develop applications for monitoring the status of security updates for customer systems.


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