Maximize manufacturing efficiency with SAP Commerce Cloud (formerly SAP Hybris). Explore how SAP software delivers seamless operations and value.

Top Benefits of SAP Commerce Cloud for the Manufacturing Industry

Researches underscore that 80% of consumers switch providers due to negative experiences, emphasizing the need for enjoyable, seamless, and innovative shopping platforms. Companies seeking a versatile solution find in SAP Commerce Cloud an omnichannel tool to craft distinctive commerce experiences, while its scalability ensures adaptability to evolving requirements in the cloud.

In this article, we explore the dynamic capabilities of SAP Commerce Cloud in the B2B segment, a platform that consolidates trading activities across various channels, enabling comprehensive and personalized customer experiences.

SAP Commerce Cloud Benefits for Manufacturing

Experiencing a robust growth of 9.3% quarter-over-quarter in the fourth quarter of 2023, SAP Commerce Cloud demonstrates its sustained upward trajectory in providing advanced E-commerce solutions and services. The cloud-native and API-based platform connects applications and end devices for a consistent user experience. In the time-sensitive manufacturing industry, this solution makes it possible to agilely implement and scale new requirements with a fast time-to-market.

SAP Commerce Cloud is a holistic solution that includes the following benefits:

Omnichannel automation

  • Multichannel flexibility: SAP Commerce Cloud enables seamless interactions across various channels and departments, catering to today's order-based manufacturing processes.
  • Real-time management: With systems integrator expert guidance, companies can effortlessly manage diverse workflows and ensure a consistent user experience regardless of the geographical position, device, or platform.
  • Personalized offers: Leveraging real-time customer data, SAP Commerce Cloud empowers manufacturers to create personalized offers, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.

C/4HANA Suite integration

      • Unified business management: The SAP C/4HANA Suite, integrated with Commerce Cloud, streamlines the management of partners, suppliers, and distributors in an ERP manner, simplifying complex business processes in the background.
      • Cost-efficient business models: Integrating IT solutions for the manufacturing industry prevents unnecessary complexity, ensuring cost efficiency as the business grows.

Data Hub capabilities

    • Centralized data management: SAP Commerce Cloud's Data Hub capabilities enable manufacturers to manage various data sources, including inventory levels, product availability, and customer information, from a centralized and unified platform.
    • Comprehensive data presentation: Internal and external data are consolidated and presented clearly within the Data Hub, providing manufacturers with a holistic view.
    • Data visibility for disseparated operations: The Data Hub in SAP Commerce Cloud allows manufacturers to maintain real-time visibility into inventory availability. This not only assists in monitoring stock levels but also helps in controlling ordering and delivery processes through a user-friendly interface, contributing to improved operational efficiency.

Catalog and product management

      • Efficient catalog updates: The SAP C/4HANA Suite and SAP Commerce Cloud facilitate swift updates to catalogs, ensuring businesses can promptly add information about new products and offers.
      • Product content management (PCM): As a core component of SAP Commerce Cloud, PCM allows manufacturers to provide consistent and accurate product information across various channels, enhancing the overall customer experience.
      • Agile product information sharing: Manufacturing companies can adapt quickly to market changes, thus fostering a dynamic and responsive catalog management approach.
        While there are a significant number of benefits, more critical to manufacturers is how exactly the SAP software helps with their present challenges. Let's move on to some examples.

Manufacturing Industry Challenges That SAP Commerce Cloud Helps to Address

SAP Commerce Cloud empowers the manufacturing industry by seamlessly integrating supply chain management, streamlining operations, and offering real-time insights for agile decision-making. With its scalability, personalized customer experiences, and adaptability to evolving market demands, SAP Commerce Cloud is a robust solution, driving efficiency and growth for manufacturers in a dynamic business landscape. The SAP solution can help enterprises overcome some of the industry-specific challenges described here.

Complex supply chain management

Manufacturing involves intricate supply chain processes, making it challenging to ensure streamlined operations and timely production.

How SAP Commerce Cloud addresses it:

SAP Commerce Cloud simplifies and integrates supply chain management, providing manufacturers with a unified platform to optimize processes, reduce delays, and enhance overall efficiency in the production cycle. Elevating supply chain transparency is the highest priority for 55% of manufacturing enterprises. SAP Commerce Cloud emerges as an ideal solution, seamlessly integrating data across the supply chain to enhance visibility and optimize decision-making processes.

Diverse and disparate systems

Manufacturers often operate with disparate systems for order management, inventory control, and customer interactions, leading to inefficiencies and a lack of cohesion. Moreover, discrete manufacturing involves a lot of work in the company's remote divisions, as well as with third parties, which is a potential source of misunderstandings and important data loss.

How SAP Commerce Cloud addresses it:

SAP Commerce Cloud acts as a centralized hub, integrating various systems within the manufacturing landscape. This ensures seamless communication between different processes, leading to a more synchronized and coherent operational ecosystem.

Personalized customer experiences

Manufacturers struggle to deliver personalized experiences for their customers, hindering customer satisfaction and loyalty. In 2023, a Zendesk study noted that over 70% of companies track a direct correlation between positive customer experience and productivity. Hence, not focusing on creating a positive customer experience for manufacturers means not only a lack of customer loyalty but also a loss of revenue.

How SAP Commerce Cloud addresses it:

SAP Commerce Cloud enables manufacturers to leverage real-time customer data, allowing them to create personalized offers and experiences. Embracing campaign personalization yields a favorable return on investment, with 89% of marketers attesting to its effectiveness. For manufacturers, tailoring product recommendations, customizing communications, and personalizing customer experiences can enhance engagement and ultimately contribute to a positive ROI by meeting unique customer needs in a competitive manufacturing industry.



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