SAP Enterprise Threat Detection Doesn’t Miss a Single Suspicious Activity

Protect your business and your customers from severe consequences of cyber attacks

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Your company will be safe with Enterprise Threat Detection

No one is immune to unstoppable cyber attackers. Still, there is a chance to detect suspicious activities on time, thus preventing heavy damage to a company. SAP Enterprise Threat Detection can identify internal and external attacks for their further neutralization.

This real-time security event management and monitoring application thoroughly monitors the SAP software landscape, finds anomalies, and protects data from a number of threats.

With the help of SAP Enterprise Threat Detection, your business will be secured from various attacks. Explore the major benefits of the solution:

Automated real-time alerts (either pre-configured or customized) to secure your business from being damaged;

Monitoring and risk evaluation for all company’s systems;

Log correlation and analysis for understanding the picture of company’s landscapes;

Forensic analysis to investigate security incidents.

Take a closer look at the SAP Enterprise Threat Detection’s capabilities

The evolving cybersecurity threat environment requires constant software monitoring to identify security breaches. SAP Enterprise Threat Detection is created to enhance the security of the organization’s business processes.

To gain deep insights into a suspicious activity, the solution offers powerful functional capabilities.

What does SAP Enterprise Threat Detection offer for the utmost protection?
User pseudonyms

User pseudonyms

The solution makes it possible to create user pseudonyms and configure special authorization settings.

Kernel API

Kernel API

Its usage complicates matters for the attackers — the logs are sent directly to SAP Enterprise Threat Detection.

Alert prioritization

Alert prioritization

Be confident that all alerts will be rational and prioritized in the right way thanks to the responsive solution.

Track all attacks, neutralize them, and establish your brand’s reputation

Are you searching for an efficient method to respond to any attacks instantaneously? The LeverX team who is well aware of SAP solutions and their key powers would highlight SAP Enterprise Threat Detection as a valid choice.

The solution will help you detect the attackers’ attempts and, most significantly, perform correct actions to neutralize them.

You no longer need to worry about potential damages or guess how to eliminate the risks of security breaches. LeverX will gladly support you with the implementation and configuring the solution for your business needs.

Tell us more about your business specifics, and we’ll ensure that SAP Enterprise Threat Detection strengthens your cybersecurity position.

Enterprise Threat Detection