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Set the course for the end-to-end process delivery using state-of-art design language

The design philosophy of SAP Fiori



A role-based approach reflects an organization's structure, highlights different user responsibilities, and improves the understanding of how goals are achieved.


SAP Fiori is committed to a coherent visual design and interaction language. With it, all parts of the app feel like a single entity throughout the entire system.


SAP Fiori responds to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform, and orientation. It adheres to the standards of an intelligent enterprise.


Make your business shine online with a well-thought out software interface, elegant in its simplicity. Save time and drive savings by reducing training costs.


Sometimes, all it takes to establish a productive workflow is to eliminate mundane tasks. SAP Fiori is the right tool to enrich your day-to-day work experience.
Improve user experience while increasing productivity and data quality!

Benefits of SAP Fiori's innovative UX design framework

Standard interface logic for different workflows

Cut training time and ensure consistency in user experience across different applications. Since SAP Fiori provides predefined Floorplans for most typical scenarios, it will be easy for the end-user to learn how the new application works. 
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Accelerate the development of enterprise software

 Meet new enterprise IT criteria for microservices architecture. Adding new functionality is also more secure with SAP Fiori than with monolithic enterprise applications, as you can create separate applications for new operations without affecting core functionality.
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Modular design approach based on business roles

Thanks to the role-based approach used in Fiori applications, the lightweight interfaces provide the functionality individual users need.
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Reimagined UX with user-focused tasks and workflows

Create user-friendly interfaces for both existing and new business processes.  Applications are maximally localized, containing only those features necessary for specific operation functionalities.
Keep all your solutions in the cloud for easy access

Because SAP will stop supporting SAP ERP in 2027, SAP clients should begin SAP S/4HANA migration. Gartner estimates that 70% of Business Suite 7/ECC customers must  transition to S/4HANA. According to the latest SAP financial results, SAP S/4HANA sales are growing at record levels. What strategy should businesses choose to optimize their migration, making it more seamless and cost-effective?

SAP Business Technology Platform is the present and future of SAP. Most of the new developments will extend core functionality and are recommended, using SAP BTP as a platform.

At the same time, SAP Fiori is recommended for constructing user interfaces to ensure a consistent UX for all SAP products. If you intend to develop new applications or transfer existing processes to SAP BTP, then Fiori is the right choice for your enterprise.

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Join the fiorization and make all your solutions user-friendly with unified workflows

The Way to Success With LeverX

The five main steps you will take with our SAP experts:

Having joined the SAP AppHaus network, we established the first SAP AppHaus community in Eastern Europe, providing a creative space for personally interacting with customers. Together, we host design-thinking workshops, determine a project structure, and define the most effective approach for translating existing functionality or creating new functionality using Fiori. We set clear goals that address challenges faced by users and provide timely feedback. 

Analysis of requirements

Our methods are flexible and as diverse as our clients. Depending on each requirement, we ensure transparency, design flexibility, and  regular communication with the client in each stage of development.


We conduct thorough end-to-end testing of the implemented app to ensure full compliance with every business process. Applying the SAP Fiori design guidelines during the entire process will maintain a consistent SAP Fiori user experience.

Quality Assurance

SAP Fiori consists of a high-level architecture. We verify that its final implementation and design delivers the intended user experience to the targeted end-users with the fewest possible barriers to adoption. 


To ensure a successful rollout, we provide informational and IT support for the customer. Post-release maintenance helps achieve a seamless experience with expected workflows and user interfaces.

Post-release support

Why LeverX

At LeverX, we stay on the cutting edge of industry technologies, platforms, and tools. We combine our expertise from the pivot and agile startup world with a strong understanding of SAP business processes and solutions. This gives us the unique capability to be among the early adopters of all the trending SAP technologies.

All-Round Human Support

Our customer success team is ready to solve any unexpected issues. We provide turnkey service from analysis of the current situation and customer’s wishes to post-release support.

Close Cooperation With SAP

Because we know the technology from a programming perspective, we can influence development of the solution, not only use the result. We are among the first to learn about best practices that are applied to projects for our customers.

Tailor-Made Fiori Journey

Our many years of experience in the field allow us to tailor optimum fiorization strategies with clearly defined pathways for each case, allowing for an iterative and smooth transition to Fiori.

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