Deliver accurate data to decision makers with SAP Business Intelligence

React quickly to emerging risks and opportunities using precise analytics tools

Get a centralized view of your business data processes

Gain new insights into your business processes, and discover opportunities for growth and new challenges with SAP Business Intelligence. Consolidate data from all departments – sales, production, marketing, customer service, finance – and provide access to vital data to everyone in the company.

LeverX delivers SAP BI solutions for companies that strive to better understand their bottlenecks, weak points, and growth opportunities through actionable and accurate data. We focus on equipping and empowering users with modern business intelligence tools so they can make smarter decisions.

Improve business performance with well-structured and reliable data

Our BI product portfolio includes:

  • BusinessObjects products
    • BusinessObjects BI tools (Web Intelligence, Analysis for Office, Crystal Reports, SAP Lumira, Design Studio)
    • BusinessObjects BPC (including classic version and embedded on HANA)
    • BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics
    • BusinessObjects Profitability and Cost Management
    • BusinessObjects Risk Management
  • SAP Business Warehouse products:
    • Classic SAP Business Warehouse on RDBMS
    • BW Integrated Planning
    • BW SEM BPS

LeverX helps you use SAP BI as an optimal tool to identify and prioritize revenue-boosting opportunities. Guide your business with clear vision – concentrate on value-adding activities and reduce time and resources spent on tasks with little value to the company.

Switch from late, time-consuming reports to on-demand data that you can act on right now:

  • Get a centralized view of data with quick, presentable reports
  • Decrease reliance on IT department for data extraction
  • Clearly see KPIs and prioritize the most profitable activities
  • React quickly to emerging risks and opportunities
  • Analyze existing business processes and assess their efficiency
  • Modernize processes to streamline data procurement

LeverX consultants ensure your team is properly trained to use the new business intelligence tools. This is vital not only from a purely technical perspective, but also makes new business data more clear and meaningful for the users.

We will make sure your employees are trained to effectively use historical data and forecasting. LeverX will help you structurize and assess vital business data, make your team more productive, and keep all employees on the same page with single-point information accessibility.

Make informed strategic decisions faster with LeverX

Every business generates huge amounts of data exhaust every day. Don’t let this valuable information slip away from you. Maximize the potential of your business intelligence strategy and focus on what you are really striving to achieve.

Use SAP BI to identify new trends and potential challenges, set strategic directions, and provide decision makers with valuable insights. Increase the efficiency of your core processes with reliable analytics.

Email or call us to talk about your business intelligence needs and how our team can help you combine smart long-term goals with easily identifiable opportunities that you can act on right now.