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SAP Business Intelligence

Collect, analyze, and effectively use data for your company's benefit with SAP Business Intelligence solutions.

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20 Years

of successful Business intelligence (BI) solution

implementations for Fortune 1000 companies.

How Can SAP Business Intelligence Solutions Help Your Company?

Storage systems for massive data amounts

Reporting, analysis, and business data interpretation allow businesses to make effective decisions based on market needs. These functions are crucial to preserve and enhance a company’s competitive edge. SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) has all the required tools, including data assessment and interpretation.

Among the SAP BW features are:

  • Automated data collection
  • Data storage
  • Reporting
  • Data conversion and consolidation

SAP BW helps you build a comprehensive analytical system to collect all the necessary data from different sources in a short time.

Effective data analysis

Today, data is the key to a successful business, but only effective analytics can unleash complete data potential. The LeverX team reviews your analytical capacities and defines possible growth areas. 

To improve data efficiency, you can use the following SAP Analytics Solutions:

  • SAP Analytics Cloud
  • SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence
  • SAP BusinessObjects Lumira
  • SAP BusinessObjects Analysis
Precise financial planning and forecasting

If you want to automate your planning and budgeting processes and reduce time spent on closing financial statements, SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC) can help. SAP BPC integrates with third-party components and supports data export and import from other management systems.

It helps:

  • Create financial plans.
  • Align the budget.
  • Consolidate reporting.
  • Monitor the budget execution.
  • Adjust the budget.

Want to Learn More About Our Expertise?

Our Clients Are Honored by SAP Value Award

Over 20 years of close collaboration with SAP, we have gained experience and knowledge in SAP solutions and their implementation and applied them to our customers’ projects. Their effectiveness is constantly confirmed by our clients’ business success and the awards that our joint projects receive.

In 2021, our project with UzAuto won gold in the SAP Value Award. It is a great honor for us and a solid motivation to help businesses achieve their goals.

Our Clients Are Honored by SAP Value Award

SAP BI Benefits


Fact-based decision-making

SAP BI tools help company and department managers collect data relevant to their areas of responsibility to make fact-based decisions.

Competitive advantage maintenance

With SAP BI, identify new market trends and opportunities and follow them. It also helps identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses and use this information for your success.

Complete picture of company performance

You get comprehensive, up-to-date information on business processes across entire enterprise areas and departments.

Time and resources saving

SAP BI solutions help you reduce data collection, report generating, and testing costs.

Timely problem identification

Identify business problems before they harm your business — for example, manufacturing or distribution bottlenecks, prerequisites for customer outflow, rising labor costs, etc.

Data security

SAP BI solutions provide all the tools required to protect access to confidential information.

Why LeverX?

Our experience and deep knowledge of SAP solutions allow us to implement full-cycle projects.
Our experienced specialists help you quickly define the right business scenario and, as a result, save you time and money.


The LeverX implements, customizes, and integrates all SAP components into your IT infrastructure. Moreover, our experts configure and further develop the system if required.


Our experts can not only implement ready-made solutions in your IT landscape but also develop solutions that will meet your business needs.


We integrate your current SAP solutions with other SAP and non-SAP components and deliver their smooth operation. 


If you already have third-party asset management solutions that require an upgrade or want to move to SAP asset management solutions, we help you migrate.


If your business is an enterprise with branches worldwide, we can help roll out already implemented solutions across all locations. 


LeverX provides go-live support, fixes outstanding issues, and helps your team adapt to new solutions as soon as possible.


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