SAP Extended Warehouse Management for running a cost-effective warehouse

Reduce risks caused by human error. Improve the speed and accuracy of warehouse operations

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SAP Extended Warehouse Management is a smart tool that allows you to:

Improve inventory accuracy

Improve inventory accuracy

Ensure constant availability of goods

Ensure constant availability of goods

Reduce inventory costs

Reduce inventory costs

Improve shipping speed and accuracy

Improve shipping speed and accuracy

Control the activities of warehouse storekeepers in real time

Control the activities of warehouse storekeepers in real time

Improve warehouse productivity

Improve warehouse productivity

Who is SAP EWM for?

SAP EWM is the right choice for the following types of warehouses:

Raw material warehouse

Discrete manufacturing, Automotive

Finished goods warehouse

Discrete manufacturing, Automotive, Retail

Distribution center


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Learn how SAP EWM can help you optimize a range of your warehouse business processes.

From day-by-day to hour-by-hour delivery with SAP Extended Warehouse management

LeverX helps to reduce warehouse load caused by the fast pace of today’s economy. Our specialists implement solutions that contribute to better organization, improved efficiency of storage and placement of goods, and effective warehouse management. We provide:

SAP EWM implementation

Integration with other SAP systems

Custom development according to your business objectives

SAP EWM support


LeverX knows how to organize all warehouse processes in the most efficient matter with SAP EWM

We guarantee that every developed warehouse management system goes in the line with modern industry standards and provides your company with several competitive advantages, including:

  • smart inventory estimation and easy reporting;
  • effective time management for employees and efficient management of the company's equipment;
  • elimination of delays in orders and shipments;
  • complete transparency of the warehouse;
  • reduced risks of mistakes during shipment and data entry;
  • lower costs associated with IT infrastructure maintenance.

Pros of implementing SAP EWM with LeverX

  • LeverX is a certified SAP Services Partner and Preferred Vendor

    Our company has been closely collaborating with SAP for over 17 years. We deliver high-quality services, including SAP software development, implementation, functional consulting, rollout, support, etc.

  • End-to-end solution delivery

    We have a broad pool of experts who cover all tasks, from system analysis and implementation to after go-live support.

  • Relevant SAP S/4HANA expertise

    Deep knowledge of the latest SAP technologies is proven by hundreds of successful project deliveries.