Augment your logistics with the SAP TM solution

Thrive and grow in a competitive market using smart transportation management

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Speed up your logistics with the right solution integrator

LeverX helps logistics operators implement business solutions that are centered on challenging overcapacity, freight rate creep, and logistics complexity.

Implementing SAP TM, a powerful transportation management solution, we provide our customers with reliable order delivery, reduced transportation costs, and improved overall logistics efficiency.

New opportunities for your global logistics excellence

Upgrade your logistics with a smart transportation management system:

  • Eliminate data redundancy and input errors
  • Obtain full visibility of orders, shipments, and logistics processes
  • Improve the flow of goods throughout the entire supply chain network
  • Optimize freight costs and speed up data processes
  • Increase the turnover of goods and traffic

We focus on developing solutions that provide transparency and empower shippers and freight forwarders to deliver better service to their customers.

LeverX helps you integrate with other transport companies, parking providers, and container terminals. We center on enabling your business to achieve more – reducing vehicle idle time, alleviating the cost pressure, and collecting traffic data for better transportation efficiency.

Grow your logistics operations in any economy with LeverX

We employ our industry expertise to implement effective and thought-out solutions with maximum benefits for your company:

  • Collect and use traffic data for better transportation efficiency
  • Save more by utilizing the new transparency and reporting options
  • Identify infrastructure bottlenecks and breakdowns in advance and avoid them
  • Collect and store business data in a single place where it is easily available for drivers, dispatchers, and managers
  • Reduce idle time through route improvement and direct communication with the operators

Optimize your business processes with one of the most flexible transportation management solutions in the industry. Centralize and organize shipping, consolidate orders, and ensure compliance through SAP Transportation Management.

Let’s discuss your unique logistics challenges and all the ways LeverX can help your business move forward.