It’s Time to Connect Your Business with Banks

SAP Multi-Bank Connectivity will build your banking network and strengthen corporate-bank relationships.

Now you can easily manage your bank connections

There is no limit to how transparent the relationships between banks and their customers can be. The desire to see a full picture of financial operations in the shortest terms and with the highest security level available meets a proper SAP solution.

SAP Multi-Bank Connectivity lets corporate clients connect to the financial institutions they deal with thus forming a kind of a business network.

After establishing the connection between a corporate and financial institution, these two parties are permitted to exchange financial messages. It could be bank statements, payment references, accounting documents, and the other documentation types requested.

LeverX has checked that SAP Multi-Bank Connectivity would work perfectly for those who aspire to:

  • Gain visibility of all financial operations;
  • Set up communication with the banks that affect their business processes;
  • Manage all bank connections;
  • Add new financial institutions to the network as rapidly as possible.

Use SAP Multi-Bank Connectivity for greater visibility of financial operations

SAP Multi-Bank Connectivity complies with high security standards and prevents any data leakage. Data protection goes hand in hand with bank account and payment management.

The solution is based on SAP Cloud Platform and integrated with the SWIFT network, which allows you to connect with more than 11,000 financial institutions and maintain visibility of all connections regardless of their amount.

What are the values of using SAP Multi-Bank Connectivity for creating the network of your bank connections?

Simple connectivity conditions

Easy onboarding of new banks and institutions

Utmost visibility

You are aware of all current payment statuses

Improved treasury strategy

Treasury concentrates on strategic issues rather than on operational matters

Full automation

The solution automates all financial transactions

Boosted reconciliation

Reduction of manual steps leads to speeding up financial processes

Native integration

The solution is integrated with your digital core (SAP S/4HANA or SAP ERP)

LeverX will unveil all the solution’s capabilities

With the help of LeverX experts and the Multi-Bank Connectivity solution, you will establish a digital channel that automates communication with all of your financial service providers. You can request any financial information, like payment order processing or payment status notifications.

The solution will help you spend less time trying to connect to banks. Automation and increased transparency ensure minimized operational risks. Take control over your banking relationships and feel confident about the security.

LeverX will provide you with more details on SAP Multi-Bank Connectivity and answer your questions about the multi-bank solution. We’ll also consult you about all the potential business benefits from using the solution and the services available.