SAP Multi-Bank Connectivity

Configure a multi-bank digital channel and become an intelligent enterprise with a cloud-based solution offered by SAP.

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SAP Multi-Bank Connectivity integrations

SAP MBC provides the following options for secure integration with financial institutions:
SWIFT connectivity
3RD party provider or non-member bank connectivity
Host-to-host connectivity
Member bank connectivity

SWIFT connectivity

This integration is available when the customer is a SWIFT customer, which offers extra flexibility to support a multi-network structure of exchanging high volumes of messages and files.

How does integration with SAP MBC work

S/4HANA Cloud
S/4HANA On-Premise
SAP Business Suite
Sap s/4hana
Cash management
  • Bank Account Managemet
  • SAP Bank Communication Management
SAP Advanced Payment Management
SAP In-House Cash
SAP Multi-Bank Connector
Member bank
Multi-Bank Connectivity

A highly secure cloud platform with member bank benefits

Who can benefit the most from the solution? Enterprises with a high volume of transactions and/or requiring a high level of integration with their ERP need different, more automated capabilities. The SAP Multi-Bank connectivity solution provides a robust set of functions for:
SAP customers ON ECC (if on ECC, it must be SAP ERP 6.0 or EHP 0 or higher)
SAP customers on S/4HANA Cloud
SAP customers on S/4HANA on-premise edition

Benefit from a single point of corporate-to-bank connectivity


Financial accounting transparency

Streamline control, efficiency, and transparency of the financial accounting process. As the solution automatically updates payment status and cash positions in the ERP system once updates are available from the banks, it further improves and streamlines the company’s treasury operations.


Access expert guidance

Get access to a comprehensive configuration guide for clarity of the onboarding process, timeline definition, and adherence to the project plan. Achieve specific goals quickly with post-go-live support, technical support, and maintenance activities.


Security at the highest peak

Ensure the utmost security with the solution, as all letters and certificates are created directly in the customer's SAP Multi-Bank Connectivity tenants and linked to the bank's URL – this ensures that the certs cannot be used by or with another system.


Multi-bank digital channel

Maintain embedded EBICS and SWIFT connectivity with multiple banks and get real-time responses and data updates since SAP Multi-Bank Connectivity is closely integrated with Bank Communication Management.

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Got interested in the solution?

SAP Multi-Bank Connectivity cloud solution capabilities:

Communication Management

  • English-speaking contact person appointment
  • Timely processing of configuration change requests
  • Notifications about any service disruptions and critical maintenance activities

Asset Management

  • Management of the hardware and infrastructure resources
  • Assets protection from unauthorized physical access or physical influence
  • Communication Management


  • Provisioning of resources and systems to customers by ordered package and requirements
  • Deployment of the application software and the proper initial configuration of quotas, service subscriptions, permissions, and trust configuration

Integration Content Development

  • Proper testing of the integration content
  • Design, building, deployment, and operation of the integration content hosted in the application
  • Realistic conditions compliance

Security Material Management

  • Proper testing of the security material under realistic conditions
  • User credentials, PGP key rings, and certificates identification
  • Certificate-based authentication

Message Transmission

  • Correct transmission of the messages within the according to application’s constraints
  • No liability for the contents of any message transmitted via the application

SAP Multi-Bank Connectivity Implementation Phases



We are fine-tuning your ERP system to establish a connection with SAP MBC and plan further communication. SAP MBC Onboarding Team hosts the kick-off meeting with the customer to discuss a detailed level of the project's scope. They determine fixed milestones and outline roles and responsibilities for the project. If necessary, we add weekly or periodic meetings as checkpoints.


Technical integration

We carry out a comprehensive tune-up of the system, covering both test and production environments. The production landscape will be activated only after your approval.


Validation and testing

Once the integrated content is finalized and deployed on the customer tenants, the newly created end-to-end connection is released back to the customer for final validation. We test end-to-end connectivity, verify payments and message delivery, and more.


Promotion (to production)

After customer sign-off on testing, we take the content localized in the test environment and replicate it to the production environment. A PVT, also known as Penny Test, involves sending a payment instruction for a minimal amount to ensure the integration scenario is working as intended.


Support and operations

Once all the previous phases are completed, the application is considered successfully live. The SAP Multi-Bank Connectivity Support Team keeps in touch with you and provides 24x7 comprehensive support, tools, and resources available if needed.


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