RISE with SAP is a packaged solution that provides an opportunity to become an intelligent enterprise

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Be Ready for the Future Right Now! Boost Digital Transformation of Your Business with RISE with SAP

How to choose the right way to business transformation and become a strong competitor in the market?

Which innovative technology is the most effective for your business?

How to choose appropriate software solutions and become an intelligent enterprise?

RISE with SAP was designed to answer all these and other questions you are interested in.

RISE with SAP is an intelligent solution that offers Business Transformation as a Service.

Its objective is to turn your business into an intelligent enterprise as soon and as easily as possible, and make your business more competitive.

RISE with SAP key elements are the following:

SAP tools for migration to SAP S/4HANA Cloud and business transformation

SAP tools for migration to SAP S/4HANA Cloud and business transformation

A comprehensive program of transition to an intelligent enterprise (from the assessment of the current processes to their enhancement in a cloud environment)

A comprehensive program of transition to an intelligent enterprise (from the assessment of the current processes to their enhancement in a cloud environment)

Expert assistance and support

Expert assistance and support

What Is included in the RISE with SAP “All-in-One” Service?

SAP simplifies your business transformation by combining its best practices, technological expertise, and industry knowledge into a single solution, allowing you to choose your preferred speed and a path of transition to an intelligent enterprise.


New ERP Cloud system generation (public or private cloud)

SAP Business Technology Platform

The S/4HANA platform provides such opportunities as quick access to content via mobile devices, standard processes expansion, integration with external systems, etc.

Intelligent business processes

Complex analysis of the business processes with SAP Business Process Intelligence expansions

SAP Business Network starter pack

The SAP network that integrates Ariba Network, SAP Logistics Business Network, and SAP Asset Intelligence Network


Free choice of the provider: SAP hosting or hyperscalers (AWS, Google, MS Azure) and IaaS model

Embedded tools and services

Including Custom Code Migration App, SAP Readiness Check, SAP Learning Hub, etc.

Create an Intelligent Enterprise with RISE with SAP
How to Improve Business Financial Performance With RISE with SAP?

RISE with SAP Benefits

The RISE with SAP pack includes a single contract that allows managing SLA and business operations, optimizing equipment, consulting, and support costs.

Financial benefits

The solution reduces the total cost of ownership by 20% compared to a local ERP deployment; you do not pay separately for licenses, support, and hosting.

Comprehensive support on the way to business transformation

All the tools necessary for migration to SAP S/4HANA Cloud and transition to an intelligent enterprise are assembled in one solution.

Flexible and adaptable solution

You choose the infrastructure and configuration scenarios for some of the products included in RISE with SAP, according to your business requirements.


Business Transformation as a Service: Become an Intelligent Enterprise and Enhance the Effectiveness of Your Business

Business Transformation as a Service is more than just the integration of digital technology into the current processes. It is a redesign of business operations with the most optimal for your company scenario of transition to an intelligent enterprise.

What differentiates intelligent enterprises from other companies?

  • 70% higher income and share of operating profit
  • 25% better stock replenishment performance
  • 2.5 times higher cost, staff, production, and supply chain management performance
  • Twice better customer experience
  • 100% effective procurement cost management

Why Is LeverX Your Reliable SAP System Integrator?

  • LeverX is a reliable SAP strategic partner and service provider

    We have been cooperating with SAP for more than 18 years providing a full range of services, including SAP solutions development and implementation, functional consulting, system rollout, maintenance, and support.

  • Our company is an SAP turnkey solution provider

    LeverX experts solve all project tasks, from system analysis to implementation and after-go live support.

  • Practical experience of migration to SAP S/4HANA

    Hundreds of successfully finished projects acknowledge LeverX experts’ profound knowledge of modern technology and SAP systems.