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Clients’ onboarding and establishing IE was a complex, paper-based, and time-consuming process. LeverX helped streamline the processes and make them faster.



Clients’ onboarding into the bank and establishing IE was a complex, paper-based, time-consuming process. LeverX company was asked to help streamline the process and make it faster. That would enable them to improve their value proposition and deliver a better customer experience, thereby increasing their customer base, assets under management, and profits.


  • No profound vision of how the process for IE works now
  • A lot of manual and paperwork, that bother clients
  • A lot of unstructured ideas with no understanding of the real roadmap
Clients - Dark mode


  • 2 teams, 20 participants from the client’s side (Head of departments, technical specialists and engineers)
  • 3 participants from the LeverX side (2 Design Thinking methodology coaches,  UX/UI designer)
  • 2 clients with relevant experience


We combined desk-based research with a hands-on 2 days Design Thinking Workshop for solving problems through a deep dive into the customer’s existing  experience. A range of exercises that included representatives of the bank as participants, the team managed to understand the existing actors, systems, workflows and problems and build clear vision for the better product.



Prepared CJM


Formulated HMW statements




Shared knowledge


Created the Road Map


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Companies That Have Already Improved Their Businesses With DT Workshops

I really liked the format that LeverX AppHaus presented. We had the goal of defining the subject of future development, which is complex enough to solve in standart ways.

We tired methods that are used all over the world. And we sae thah it was very fast, efficient and interesting. And the result that we achieved was a complete underestanding of ourselvs and the team. And also, the opportunity to see how the team is able to work.


Head of the network development
A telecom company


Our solution brought a vast improvement in the existing client’s experience.

  • A highly simplified, quicker onboarding process and IE establishment
  • Quicker responses to customer queries
  • Greater transparency about the application status and missing elements / documents for all the participants
  • Greater support and commitment from the bank’s side
  • Additional benefits that help our client to stand out among competitors
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