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The task was to ensure that the IBP solution from SAP covers all current business needs and is ready for new perspectives.



The task was to make sure that the IBP solution from SAP not only covers all current business needs, but is also ready for new perspectives.


  • There is no unified vision of the planning processes
  • The new product should equally meet the expectations of the sales, marketing, and manufacturing departments
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  • 5 participants from the client’s side (heads of marketing, sales, production, and planning department specialists)
  • 5 participants from the LeverX side (Design Thinking methodology coaches,  UX/UI designer, business analyst, account manager)
  • 5 SAP participants (domain consultants, technical specialists)

6 hours Design Thinking workshop

A 6 hours intensive Design Thinking workshop took place in the hybrid format. Some participants were present in the AppHaus and some joined via Zoom. During this session we created a natural flow of ideas. It helped everyone to overcome bias and stop being fixated on certain solutions.

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I really liked the format that LeverX AppHaus presented. We had the goal of defining the subject of future development, which is complex enough to solve in standart ways.

We tired methods that are used all over the world. And we sae thah it was very fast, efficient and interesting. And the result that we achieved was a complete underestanding of ourselvs and the team. And also, the opportunity to see how the team is able to work.


Head of the network development
A telecom company


  • The client get a unified vision of the company's planning process
  • Brought the teams together from diverse practices and provided an opportunity for everyone to understand the problem and work together towards common goals
  • Prepared the Road Map
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