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IT Consulting

Want to transform your business with SAP? We’ll help you get the most out of your investment in SAP.

Full-Cycle IT Consulting Services

Leverage our technological knowledge and expertise in IT consulting complemented with data mining and analytics tools to get a solution that really makes a difference to your business.

IT assessment

Before enabling digital transformation, we assess your digital readiness to determine the next steps of your digitalization project. The assessment process covers every aspect related to digital transformation, ranging from an organizational structure and available IT resources to required functions and existing roles.

Solutions & technology consulting

Taking into account your business goals, we assist you in selecting the IT solutions and technologies that will meet your needs as efficiently as possible. We’ll help you define the tech stack for every project stage, including pre-planning, design, development, and implementation.

IT infrastructure consulting

To ensure the security and efficiency of your solutions, we assess your current infrastructure and consult on how to effectively modify and maintain your existing solutions or build new ones with a forward-looking perspective.

Design consulting

Our UX team will help you ensure your software solution’s success through advising on UX methods and strategies to create experiences that reach your target users. The SAP AppHaus, which has been designed to conduct design thinking workshops and generate new ideas for our clients’ solutions, helps us add more value to them.

Mobile app release consulting

Our tech specialists help you download your mobile application to the App Store, Google Play to ensure all the processes work well. Our expert will carefully analyze it on compliance with the chosen platform’s requirements to ensure its successful, pain-free release.


What SAP solution will drive digital transformation in our organization? How to migrate to SAP S/4HANA? What migration model will work for your organization? How to choose an ERP system? These are just a few examples of what questions our customers refer to our consulting team.

As part of our SAP consulting services, we assist in a wide range of SAP implementation activities, including analyzing our clients’ current systems, building an adoption strategy, assessing your solution’s pros and cons, etc.



Creating an SAP implementation and adoption strategy

To identify business requirements, set clear goals, deadlines, and project success criteria, our SAP consultants create an adoption strategy. It allows the contractor to be sure that every stage of the project is properly executed, without taking shortcuts of compromising quality.

step #1

Evaluating business challenges and benefits

We identify your current business challenges and outline the improvement area to develop project success criteria and assess your project after implementation. The assessment will show the project's pros and cons that still need to be improved.

step #2

Engaging shareholders and key employees

To ensure effective implementation of SAP solutions, we dive deep into the organizational structure and business processes to understand how the company works as a whole. This results in consolidating the insights into the technical requirements for the implementation project.

step #3

Guiding organizational change in the company

To support the changes brought by the successful implementation of SAP solutions, we help ensure effective communication between the company management, key company departments, and the integrator.

step #4

Setting clear implementation milestones

We assist our customers in defining four clear milestones to guide project development and indicate its advancement. It helps create the project structure and keep it on schedule with individual deadlines.

step #5

Managing the scope and scale of the project

We create an implementation plan to keep the project under the budget and schedule. It also helps manage the project scaling to eliminate the ever-growing features and add them after the main implementation is completed to further streamline your business.

step #6