LeverX IPS Enhancement

LeverX not only implements SAP solutions but also develops its products and constantly improves them.


LeverX not only implements SAP solutions but also develops its products and constantly improves them.



Internal project to enhance the LeverX IPS solution.



LeverX IPS is a workflow add-on to SAP that allows business users to build, modify, and deploy various workflows in SAP. To improve customer experience and address business needs, we added a new feature to solution functionality and integrated IPS Workflow into SAP S/4HANA Change Record. It became the next step in the continuous IPS improvement process.



The LeverX team is sure that the future is Fiori. We decided to improve a part of the LeverX IPS functionality with Fiorization.

IPS Ticket Dashboard

Our customers implement LeverX IPS to monitor their processes and efficiency. With the IPS Ticket Dashboard, they can gain insights into their business processes and pinpoint where the bottlenecks are occurring.

The IPS Ticket Dashboard is built into Fiori, and customers can extend its reporting capabilities with custom cards and generate the reports their business needs.



Open/closed tickets

You can see the number of open and closed tickets (based on status configuration) in your system.

Ticket Trending Cards

This indicates the number of open/closed tickets over the last few months on a bar graph so you can easily see throughput. Closed Tickets Trending presents information on a line graph.

User work item cards

This feature provides information about work items assigned to individual users and enables you to drill down, find the tickets with open work items, and elevate them so processes can move forward.

Duration cards

Average duration by phase refers to how long it takes, in days on average, to complete a given phase of the workflow. Ticket Duration provides information on the shortest, longest, and average ticket durations based on the filter.

IPS/Change Record Integration

The LeverX team can also improve existing functionality. For example, SAP S/4HANA offers the Change Record solution to initiate, manage, and track product changes. SAP S/4HANA Change Record integrates with the standard SAP workflow.

LeverX IPS already has Workflow functionality, so we integrated LeverX IPS functionality into the Change Record solution to provide our customers with a better user experience. Now, they don't have to switch between multiple solutions. It helps users accelerate work and save time on operation execution.


It is possible with mobile maintenance scenarios and two SAP solutions, SAP Work Manager (SAP WM) и SAP Asset Manager (SAP AM). They provide access to information on asset statuses and allow you to maintain them comprehensively.

SAP WM is a mobile application with wider functionality that offers both on-premise and cloud hosting capabilities.

SAP AM is a more modern cloud-based solution that can be integrated with innovative SAP Cloud Platform IoT.

Both solutions help to improve enterprise asset productivity with constant monitoring, analytics, and timely diagnostics.

Technology Stack

IPS Ticket Dashboard

  • ABAP
  • OData
  • SAPUI5
  • Fiori elements

IPS/Change Record Integration

  • ABAP
  • BOPF
  • Draft
  • Digital Signature
  • CDS
  • OData
  • SAPUI5
  • Fiori elements

Document Management

  • Document Release
  • Material Master Release and Extension
  • Sales Order Release
  • Manufacturing Instruction Release

Request Management

  • Procurement Request
  • Tooling Change Request
  • Shop Floor Issue Request
  • Customer Issue Request
  • Plant Maintenance Work Request
  • Request for Quote


Fiorization doesn't necessarily mean the instant transfer of current functionality to the Fiori interface. It is also an iterative process of improving existing features and developing new ones with Fiori.

LeverX aims to provide its customers with cutting-edge solutions to improve and streamline their business processes. So we continue to enhance the LeverX IPS add-on, constantly adding new features and improving user experience. 


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