Digital Transformation Services

Business digital transformation with LeverX Group is a step-by-step process comprised of consulting, automation, and development services – all covered by our expertise.

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Business process automation

Leveraging the best practices, LeverX Group specialists apply their vast expertise in various business areas to offer our clients a precious and time-saving opportunity to automate their business processes. These include:

Supply chain management

The solutions we implement cover the automation of yard logistics processes (SAP YL), transportation management (SAP TM), warehouse management (SAP EWM), planning and optimization processes (SAP APO), business planning (SAP IBP), track and trace processes (SAP ATTP) - all available in the convenience of a unified solution.

Yard logistics

Together with LeverX Group, you can optimize warehouse space, get a detailed data analysis, increase process transparency, avoid errors in manually entered data, digitize the warehouse with drones, sensors, and mobile devices, and form an integrated business network to increase the efficiency of your yard logistics processes.

Procurement management

Attempting to provide our clients with a balance between management and optimization costs, we offer a smart real-time procurement strategy that allows you to reduce costs and risks, get the best supply contracts, accelerate supplier selection cycles, and unleash the power of innovation to both procurement and single purchase processes.

Employee retention and development

Improve the quality of employee management to increase the overall business productivity with LeverX Group. Our solutions help you to get a better understanding of your company’s needs in talent acquisition, assess employee performance and help team members grow, reduce administrative costs and develop more efficient personnel management processes, and retain key professionals.

Asset management

Introduce your business to such beneficial innovations as IoT digital twin technologies, machine learning, and advanced analytics to effectively manage assets and asset systems, performance, risks, and costs over asset lifecycles and achieve your brightest strategic goals.

Production optimization

Automate processes, optimize product lifecycle management, efficiently manage workflows with solutions that allow measuring, analyzing, modeling, prioritizing, and implementing actions in the way to enhance the overall production process. With LeverX Group, you can achieve it by leveraging such SAP products as SAP PLM, SAP PDM, SAP IPS, SAP BMAX, etc.

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Enterprise resource management

Effectively manage your day-to-day business activities, take advantage of intellectual processes, get access to the latest innovations such as advanced analytics and a range of intuitive IT tools by leveraging our expertise in SAP S/4HANA and RISE with SAP. With LeverX being an official SAP partner, we offer proven high-quality expertise in the development, implementation, and support of all SAP solutions that make a difference to enterprises from all across the globe. Minimize the negative impact of the economic crisis and ensure your long and fruitful presence on the market with us!


In case your systems need some improvements or additional developments, our experts are ready to help you with the following services:
Web Development

Web Development

Our expertise covers everything from the creation of interactive prototypes to post-release support of web applications. Our specialists can join your project at any stage of its development and are always ready for challenges to tackle them with innovative solutions.

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