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Want to speed up your business-trading cycles? SAP Ariba global network helps organizations of any business or size succeed by automating and optimizing the entire procurement process.

Benefits of SAP Ariba Solutions for Streamlining Your Procurement Processes

Want to speed up your business-trading cycles? SAP Ariba global network helps organizations of any business or size succeed by automating and optimizing the entire procurement process.

SAP Ariba's built-in intelligent solutions like Sourcing, Contract Management, Supplier Management, Supply Chain Collaboration, Buying and Invoicing, and Guided Buying will help you boost your procurement experience and produce a trading process that best fits your business.

We linked together and adapted all these solutions to your market requirements. We applied innovative technologies within one space to strengthen your supplier-buyer collaboration and to produce a stable procurement process. Take advantage of our know-how to experience all the benefits of SAP Ariba's built-in intelligent solutions. 


SAP Ariba Sourcing

SAP Ariba Sourcing is used by thousands of organizations to identify saving opportunities, assess market dynamics, drive project collaboration, and develop informed sourcing strategies. Source and manage direct and indirect goods or services within a single platform, combine request-like technology, regulate internal approvals, develop transparent tender and workflow processes, and simplify specific choice. With SAP Ariba Sourcing, buyers automatically reduce their time, effort, and risk needed to drive sourcing events, by finding suppliers that match their business needs.

SAP Ariba Contracts 

The SAP Ariba Contracts solution is responsible for standardized contract management across the entire agreement process. Starting from procurement and sales contracts covering buyers’ obligations and income expectations to internal contracts within the organization. Suppliers can collaborate immediately with buyers when generating, negotiating, executing, and managing the current administration of contracts. Higher productivity, lower management expenses, and trusted supplier-buyer relationships result in best-value agreements. 

SAP Ariba Supplier Management 

SAP Ariba Supplier Management provides extensive tools to help buyers onboard, qualify, segment, and manage supplier performance when setting parameters that are important to them. Regularly conducted supplier reviews let buyers discover more about suppliers and deal with them successfully. This means buyers can drive spending toward preferred suppliers, reduce overall risk, and scale compliance for the entire supply base.

SAP Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration 

SAP Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration automates direct procurement lifecycle, such as supplier interaction planning, shared execution of supply chain administration, and intelligent data processing. It reduces email and spreadsheet management to shorten cycle times and increase productivity. The ability to connect once and collaborate with multiple trading partners simplifies interactions and transactions, gives greater flexibility to deal with supply chain volatility, derive optimal award allocations, and meet buyer commitments. 


SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing

SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing offers extensive functional features to help both sides streamline procurement outcomes and deliver strategic impact to the business. It automates and regulates the management of the entire procurement process for indirect goods and services, including purchase orders and requests, shipping notifications, invoice management, tracking flows of goods, approvals, and payments. By increasing procurement productivity and optimizing workflows, it helps business leaders eliminate errors and exceptions, manage more spending with less effort, maximize savings and profit margins, and comply with unprecedented demands with flexibility and speed.


SAP Ariba Guided Buying 

With SAP Ariba Guided Buying, buyers can experience smart shopping while being led to the right items and preferred suppliers and ensuring adherence to procurement policies and procedures. The SAP Ariba Guided Buying solution makes the procurement process intuitive and more compliant. It automates and controls the sourcing of goods and services within one space by eliminating the need to log in to multiple systems for different spend categories.

With over five years of SAP Ariba experience and 16+ years of expertise in the procurement area, LeverX Ariba consultants are ready to inform you how to optimize the entire procurement process, using all the benefits of SAP Ariba solutions. 

Our Cases


TOP SAP Company

Case 1. Tailored solution for Enable Injections

The LeverX project team assisted Enable Injections with SAP implementation, PLM, and CAD integration into SolidWorks and ECTR. Holistic advice helped to enhance and streamline the entire system.

The result?

  • Full system regulatory compliance
  • Enterprise-wide automated data processing
  • IPS ticketing system in SAP
  • Approvals in minutes vs. stacks of papers on the desk
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Case 2. Procurement processes simplification for a global manufacturer

The LeverX project team was responsible for implementing SAP Ariba solutions for transparent tendering, procurement process control, and user-friendly procurement interface.

The result?

  • Seamless integration of SAP ERP with SAP Ariba
  • Simplified current tender processes
  • Timely organization of centralized e-auctions
  • Enhanced purchasing experience with easy-to-use catalogs
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