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Technical Documentation Services

Increase your team efficiency
and improve end-user experience
with well-thought technical documentation

Challenges You May Face When Developing Technical Documentation

The easiest way to increase the effectiveness of your software is with concise, easy-to-use documentation for your application. But many companies still consider technical documentation as unnecessary effort.

What might it lead to?

Poor user experience

Without just-in-time information on software, your end-users won’t know how to use your product correctly. The result is customer confusion and frustration, increasing support costs, and lost clients.

Lack of team alignment

Skipping the stage of technical documentation development, companies deprive their teams of a single source of truth. It increases development timelines as the entire development process will be trial and error.

Poor planning

If not to define system architecture, processes, functionality, etc. in advance, you may miss crucial shortcomings and pitfalls. It will lead to additional time and cost constraints.

Dependency on people’s presence

When implementing the project, some experts may leave the company, and businesses may lose valuable project knowledge with them. Technical documentation preserves this knowledge and facilitates new employee onboarding.

What We Offer

Document review and editing

Document review and editing

Our team can review your current documentation and help you identify any existing gaps in your documentation. We can also support the editing process by going beyond grammar and punctuation and maintaining a single tone of voice across all documentation that reflects your company.
User interface review

User interface review

The user interfaces and in-app messages reflect your product's quality. A complete UI review ensures a user interface that is consistent, free from errors, user-centric, and informative for the user.
Embedded user assistance

Embedded user assistance

Depending on the complexities of your application, users can benefit from help topics ranging from field definitions to step-by-step instructions embedded directly into the application. Embedded help enables users to access the support they need for a specific topic without searching documentation.
Comprehensive help systems

Comprehensive help systems

Go beyond the standard requirements for software documentation and develop a comprehensive help system for your products. A comprehensive help system delivers user assistance at multiple levels and in various formats ensuring users have access to all the support they need.
Printed documentation

Printed documentation

Delivering user assistance electronically and in hard copy is essential. It is also vital to ensure that any printed documentation maintains the same standard as all other formats. This includes maintaining these standards even for user-printed documentation and ensuring the user experience is maintained regardless of the format.
Technical documentation

Technical documentation

Many applications enable individual customizing and often require the input or administration of a technical user. Quality technical documentation provides this audience with the guidance and tools needed to complete their role. It also reduces the demand for ongoing tech support.
Guided tours / Video tutorials

Guided tours / Video tutorials

Demonstrate specific functions for the user using guided tours or video tutorials that can be embedded into the application help or provided as part of a comprehensive help system. Guided tours can show new users the application's functions, while video tutorials can support function demonstrations using real-world scenarios. 
Interactive documentation

Interactive documentation

Take your documentation to the next level of user experience. Creating interactive documentation using interactive clickable graphics, animated GIFs, passage links, and embedded videos providing users with all the support they need in an easily navigated environment.
Document template development

Document template development

Developing document templates prepares your development team for the documentation process. It ensures all your products are documented consistently and maintain your style, whether you outsource your documentation needs or manage them with your documentation team.
Education and training

Education and training

LeverX user assistance can support you in managing your own documentation needs by providing education and training for technical writers and user assistance developers.

Customers' success stories

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LeverX Roadmap: 6 Steps to Successful technical documentation

One of our leads schedules a meeting to discuss your project goals and identify your needs.

step 1

Based on the project goals and project time frames, we work with you to select the right team member or members to meet your needs.

step 2

Once the team is established we schedule a kick-off meeting with the team to get the project started.

step 3

With available data provided by the client, the LeverX team gathers and compiles information, develops a navigation structure, and develops draft content.

step 4

The product owner reviews drafts, and technical content is further developed.

step 5

In cooperation with the product owner, the final content is prepared for delivery depending on the delivery channel.

step 6

Why LeverX

Deep expertise

The LeverX experts stay on top of technical topics, the software industry, and the development process and have a deep understanding of the role documentation plays concerning the user experience.

Alignment with your IT team

We have experience with many different development tools and environments. Our knowledge of various operating systems helps us to work closely with your development team and product owners to create the best possible user experience.

Knowledge transfer

Our User Assistance team can also provide educational seminars tailored to your company's needs ensuring your teams are well-equipped to manage all your documentation needs, now and in the future.