BOM / Material Master Extension & Allocation Tool (BMAX)

BMAX automates your master data processes

Solve that age-old problem – manually creating Materials and BOM’s in the SAP ERP.

BMAX’s Rules Engine lets you build data quality governance right into the system.

A business solution made for Business Users

Our business-user oriented Rules Editor screen makes it easy for you to build out the scenarios that guide data input. Data input screens make it clear what is necessary to create and extend a Material or BOM. Many companies are able to automate the creation of 80% or more of their standard Material Master data. A Guided workflow feature helps you complete the data that can’t be completed using rules alone. Built-in checking insures that you are creating complete and accurate data.

Business Benefits

Increased new product speed to market

Data creation enabled by governance

Right first time – reduced rework

Data confidence – better decisions

Capability Highlights:

  • Lean Process Enablement: BMAX lets you automate data creation in a decentralized fashion, supporting the entry of the right data by the right people at the right time. Centralized data entry departments are a thing of the past.
  • BMAX-R: The Rules Engine in BMAX automates the extension of Master Data and BOM’s into your production and distribution operations. Build your company’s data governance policies right into the material data creation Rules Engine.
  • BMAX-M: Easy to use, configurable screens make it easy for Users to enter their data using guided, roles-based input screens and fields. A built-in workflow process keeps the process moving.
  • BMAX-B: Simplifies the extension of existing BOM’s to one or more Plant entities, keeping the BOM structure and all data intact.
  • BMAX-I: Provides the ability to upload mass amounts of Materials into SAP from Excel spreadsheets. This is especially helpful when migrating materials to a new plant, or when re-populating data for large numbers of materials if you change specific rules over time.
  • Auditability: With each Material or BOM extension you are provided a visual report showing the rules applied and the data created.

LeverX BMAX helps to ensure that data is set up right the first time and as quickly and efficiently as possible