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In this blog post, Eleanora Kalinina, Head of Global Marketing at LeverX, shared her insights on SAP Sapphire 2022.

SAP Sapphire Insights 2022: Interview With the Head of Global Marketing at LeverX

We continue to publish a series of articles on LeverX participation in SAP Sapphire 2022. We’ve already told our readers about the event's main highlights in our corporate digest.

In this blog post, Eleanora Kalinina, Head of Global Marketing at LeverX, shared her insights on this event. As she told us, the SAP Sapphire event in Orlando was her ‘’first SAP Sapphire and the best so far’’. Keep on reading to find out more about the insights Eleanora told in the interview.

#1 “I’m Just a Human After All”

Though we work in B2B, this business domain is about relationships between people. In other words, B2B or B2C approaches no longer exist. We do our best to establish intelligent enterprises where humans deliver the processes and projects for humans even within the business operations.

#2 GO Hybrid!

Virtual events are inevitable in a modern business environment. However, face-to-face communication provides countless opportunities to understand each other better. It results in a more profound discussion when it’s much easier to see who is really interested in a topic. Hybrid events do not entirely depend upon digital capacities and help to prevent unforeseen connection issues.

And we used a win-win approach: our valued customer representative Javed Iqbal from Retal Group, joined the case study presentation virtually, while Viachaslau Sushynski, Head of PLM/Production at LeverX, was running a customer success story presentation on-site.


#3 Sustainability First!

Having approached the sustainability topic in 2020, SAP emphasized the necessity for supporting suppliers to cope with the pandemic resulting in digital supply chain disruptions. Today sustainability is not just about business operations effectiveness but also a responsible performance that reduces carbon footprint and environmental impact.

#4 Don’t Be Afraid of the Cloud. We Will Get You Rise with SAP.

The previous trend increases the demand for cloud solutions with its ability to scale fast and upgrade the processes easily. As a result, companies can improve productivity through process automation, cut the CapEX costs due to subscription-based models and eliminate manual integration by taking the benefits from digital technologies such as SAP S/4HANA and the products like DataLark for data migration(we have introduced to our customers at the booth).


#5 Diversity Matters.

Let me tell you a story that happened behind the scenes.

I met a customer at the stand who said, “It is so nice to meet a woman at the LeverX booth this year.”

“A woman who survived:), ” I joked.

And that lovely joke raised a fruitful discussion about women in tech and their place in the business environment.

While the number of women in business is growing, this topic is still rising. We are strongly adherent to avoiding discrimination in the company, whether gender, age, or race. I do believe that a mixed team with different experiences brings organizations towards tremendous success and a better future for the employees.

We streamline the business growth with fresh ideas from the young generation by turning these thoughts into solutions advised by mature and experienced mentors. We can find an approach to challenges based on business intuition and avoid mistakes by relying on solid technical knowledge and skills, no matter whether a man or a woman is in front of us.


#6 Reunion and Team Building Matter.

And the last but not the least one is that reunion and team building matter! SAP provided an excellent opportunity to meet our colleagues and partners in person, and we really enjoyed it! And now, I believe we are very inspired to attain great and mutual goals.

I would like to thank the team. And additionally, I would like to thank our customers, Javed and Rebecca, who joined us in the case study presentation and supported us in preparing for the event!

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