SAP Business Workflow enables the design and execution of business processes within the SAP system.

Top 10 Reasons You Need LeverX IPS for SAP Workflow Automation

Author: Michael McManaman

SAP Business Workflow enables the design and execution of business processes within the SAP system. SAP Business Workflow is at the heart of the SAP system. LeverX’s Integrated Process Solution (IPS) takes standard SAP Workflow capabilities and amplifies them to enable the true potential and business value. IPS is keenly focused on simplifying the workflow modeling and build out process, cutting total efforts down to hours and days vs. weeks and months. The goal is to deliver business value to quickly.

Learn how you can save money & time on SAP workflow automation with IPS in the below short video:



Below are ten reasons why you need LeverX’s IPS solution.

1. Get Your Data Off Emails

Getting all your process data off emails and into SAP will make collaborating & accessing information easier.

2. Connect Objects & Processes
IPS helps ensure you don't miss anything because your processes will be connected with what you need to do in the system.

3. Provides for Process Guardrails
Helps ensure your business processes are repeatable and you consistently get the same results.

4. Find Your Bottlenecks
With our workflow tool, you can track how long each task in the process takes.

5. Saves Time
No need to search for relevant emails or documents in folders. All that information is in the IPS workflow solution.

6. Audit Trail
Having everything in one place makes it painless when it comes times for an audit.

7. Process Transparency
Now everyone involved can see exactly what needs to be done at all stages of the process.

8. Makes People Accountable
Easily see who has the ball in their court - no excuses. IPS allows you to see exactly where in the process you are and who the action is with.

9. Makes Work Easier
Connecting objects and processes means less clicking around, more getting the job done.

10. Piece of Cake to Learn
Our workflow tool looks, feels, and works the same across all objects.

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