How to break up siloed business operations and improve the efficiency of logistics processes? Join LeverX's free webinar to learn expert tips and success-proven strategies!

How to Reduce Costs and Increase Resource Efficiency: Learn From LeverX’s Experts

Online webinar |November 29, 2022 | 4 PM (GMT +1)

Many companies outsource supply chain management to third parties to focus on their core competencies. In this case, close cooperation with carriers is crucial.

They must know all about your transport requirements and inform you about their availability to execute the transportation on time.  Thus, transportation status and documentation management, billing, and payment are the processes that must be 100% transparent.

On November 29, we will show how you can connect trading partners in a single open network with SAP Logistics Business Network (LBN) to reach process optimization for decreased costs and improved capacity utilization.

Meet our speakers:


nikolaiJoin the discussion on Tuesday, November 29, to get insights and real-world experience on managing logistics transactions, exchanging documents with key business partners, and gaining transparency across the complete value chain.

The expert will tell how to:

  • Break up siloed business operations.
  • Improve the efficiency of logistics processes.
  • Simplify communication between the customer and carriers.
  • Control the cargo transportation processes and materials traceability. 
  • Cut the cost of integrating the value chain.

Plus, experts will do a live Q&A session during the event, so feel free to ask anything personally!


Watch the FREE SAP LBN demo in real time!

You will:

  • Get a complete understanding of how SAP LBN works.
  • Realize how to simplify communication between the customer and carriers, control the cargo transportation processes and materials traceability, and receive analytics on these processes.
  • Receive customized recommendations depending on your business requirements.

    Looking forward to your presence at the webinar!

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