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More and more companies realize that digital transformation is a key component for business success today and are actively looking for innovation capabilities.

Speed up Your Digital Transformation with SAP Ariba Solutions for Different Industries

More and more companies realize that digital transformation is a key component for business success today and are actively looking for innovation capabilities. 

Implementing SAP Ariba solutions and integration into the Ariba Network enables customers to automate processes, gain visibility of the business and financial information in real time, and move collaboration with partners to the digital platform.

However, industry specifics also need to be considered during the intelligent enterprise transformation, as different industries face challenges that require customized solutions. Let’s look at how SAP Ariba can support the needs of different industries and help businesses grow and evolve.

Oil and Gas 

The oil and gas industry is experiencing significant change caused by the pandemic crisis, evolving consumer expectations, extreme weather events, and new regulatory standards. This is forcing organizations to rethink their business models and internal processes to remain competitive. With SAP Ariba, companies can transform, build an adaptable supply chain, and deliver reliable and sustainable energy products.

By digitalizing their operations and integrating into the global sourcing platform, oil and gas companies can achieve the following:

  • Accelerated product lifecycle
  • Minimized downtime and delays for customers
  • More effective planned and unplanned inventory and maintenance, repair, and operations assets
  • Improved workforce safety and productivity
  • Optimized business capital and increased free cash flow 

Recent reports suggest that SAP customers in the oil and gas industry achieved significant results such as 50% acceleration in source-to-contract time and 13% savings in sourcing costs. Today, more than 3,300 oil and gas companies across 118 countries run SAP solutions.


Adapting to the new normal, retailers are also looking for innovative solutions to modernize retail processes, offer new and improved products, create unique experiences for customers, increase customer retention, and protect their brands in a constantly changing landscape. 

By deploying digital capabilities provided by SAP Ariba, retailers can:

  • Align demand forecasts and stock planning to drive sales growth
  • Improve and simplify collaboration with global suppliers over the Ariba Network
  • Minimize supply chain risk and disruption
  • Reduce time to market
  • Optimize expense and merchandise spend 

Currently, more than 13,400 retailers in 121 countries are innovating with SAP solutions, and 208 of the top 250 retailers in the world use SAP solutions. According to the latest data, SAP customers reduced sourcing cycle time by 50% and administrative costs by 15%.


SAP Ariba procurement and supply chain solutions help companies respond to the challenges that the industry is facing today, such as resource scarcity, shifts in demand and supply, margin erosion, and environmental responsibility. Using the power of automation, they can streamline processes, ensure data accuracy, and better manage relationships with business partners. 

 With SAP Ariba, companies can employ new practices that enable them to: 

  • Find reliable services and material providers 
  • Meet the needs of complex and eruptive supply chains
  • Lower procurement costs
  • Improve resource allocation
  • Return to production after shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages with minimal downtime or additional expenses

According to recent reports, SAP customers increased annual sourcing savings by 13% and top-quartile organizations reduced invoice processing time to 1,5 days. More than 6,500 chemical companies in 97 countries are now innovating with SAP solutions. 


Consumer Products

With SAP Ariba, consumer products companies can achieve the flexibility needed to operate effectively in a highly competitive market, enhance collaboration with external and internal partners, bring innovative products, meet high consumer expectations, and preserve their brand reputation. 

By implementing new forward-thinking strategies, companies can strengthen their position in the marketplace through the following:

  • Quicker response to customer demand and better customer satisfaction
  • Selecting the best sourcing options and appropriate buying channels using data-driven intelligence and visibility
  • Controlled and compliant spending 
  • Reduced inventory levels and costs
  • Improved environmental sustainability

Currently, more than 14,100 consumer product companies in 134 countries are SAP customers, and 90% of the most successful consumer brands in the world run SAP solutions.


By automating business processes, banks can navigate through the current challenges in the sector – global economic crisis, changing customer needs, disruptive innovation, and regulatory changes.

SAP Ariba solutions and the Ariba Network provide banking institutions with the tools, knowledge, and connections they need to:

  • Improve operational efficiency 
  • Better manage costs and risks using real-time data and predictive analytics
  • Ensure organizational spend transparency
  • Quickly respond to changes in the marketplace and offer innovative products and services
  • Deliver consistent and highly personalized customer experience

According to recent studies, more than 14,100 banking institutions in 150 countries are using SAP solutions. Today, 140 million active banking accounts worldwide are supported by SAP customers, and 46 of the world’s 50 safest banks run SAP solutions.

We understand the opportunities and challenges businesses face. Whatever industry you are in, we can help you develop transformation strategies and achieve your goals with the assistance of best-of-class solutions. For more information, contact LeverX experts.

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