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In the face of the current сonditions, the safety of our employees has become the top-priority issue. We do believe in the power of diplomacy and the peace to come soon.

LeverX Statement on the Situation in Ukraine

Dear partners and colleagues,

These are the people who make the company. LeverX, headquartered in Mountain View, CA (USA), has more than 1500 employees worldwide and is known for being a reliable and secure place for professional and personal development.

Our company has always been welcoming ambitious, friendly, and highly motivated people. A lot of our IT experts are from Eastern Europe.

Along with the rest of the world, we keep on monitoring the situation in the region and believe that peace will soon come.

We would like to thank all the customers and partners for continued involvement and support.

In the face of the current сonditions, the safety of our employees has become the top-priority issue. And we are doing our best to ensure safety, give confidence, and provide support to our team in Ukraine, namely. We implemented a special business continuity plan for our team in Ukraine, including relocation guidelines and have provided financial assistance to help our employees and their families to relocate to safer regions including our offices in Poland and Lithuania.

We are helping and supporting our 50+ Ukrainian colleagues providing them with housing, additional payments and funds to aid travel and relocate.They can work in safe locations, feel confident and comfortable. Those colleagues from LeverX Ukraine who chose to leave Ukraine have already relocated and now continue their work on projects from the offices of the Company in Eastern Europe.

Following the business continuity plan in the company accepted by the key partners we have foreseen all the arrangements necessary for having no interruptions in the provision of services and execution of our obligations. The company follows the worldwide security requirements and our partners’ expectations to protect against any unauthorized actions and manage all the business risks ensuring ongoing project delivery and collaboration especially in these times difficult for the whole world.

We do believe in the power of diplomacy. We sincerely wish the Ukrainian people and their beautiful land to attain peace.


LeverX Leadership Team


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