LeverX introduced this innovative approach at TransLogistica Poland. Read more about the event and SAP LBN in our blog post.

TransLogistica Poland 2022: LeverX Introduced SAP Business Network for Logistics

After recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, the global logistics industry hit with a market size of approximately 8.43 trillion euros (9.53 billion U.S. dollars). By 2027, it’s expected to exceed 13.7 billion euros. But how can the industry address the evolving challenges?

SAP Business Network for Logistics (SAP LBN) is what logistics companies need in 2022 and beyond. LeverX introduced this innovative approach at TransLogistica Poland. Read more about the event and SAP LBN in our blog post.


TransLogistica Poland — International Trade Fair for Transport, Transit, and Logistics

The ninth TransLogistica Poland took place in Warsaw on November 7-9, 2022. It’s one of the leading events in the logistics sector not only in Poland but throughout Central and Eastern Europe. The event is held for the representatives of Polish and international transportation and logistics companies who use transport and logistics services or want to establish new business contacts. In particular, TransLogistica Poland was targeted at:

  • Shippers/cargo owners
  • Transport companies, carriers
  • Logistics operators
  • Freight forwarders
  • Courier companies
  • Transportation fleet owners
  • Seaports, airports, and terminals Distribution centers and warehouses

It’s a place where such businesses have a chance to find high-quality logistics services. That’s why the exhibition is the perfect place for the LeverX team to showcase the variety of telematics and fleet management solutions offered by SAP.

SAP Business Network for Logistics Is a New Approach to Transportation Management


At the exhibition, the LeverX experts told the entrepreneurs about a brand-new SAP solution for transportation and logistics companies, SAP Business Network for Logistics. Being a social network for supply chain participants, it allows them to simply sign up to be a shipper, freight forwarder, or carrier and address their challenges with their peers. SAP LBN is an innovative approach that shifted focus from the company to the network.

‘’SAP Business Network for Logistics is a new SAP solution focused on the inter-company collaboration. Logistics networks are getting more complex, so the smooth and synchronous work of all parties involved facilitates the efficiency of the transportations processes and significant cost savings,’’ Nikolai Gurlenia, Practice Lead, SAP Transportation Management LeverX, Wroclaw, Poland


Have you failed to visit TransLogistica Poland but are looking for technology solutions to boost your logistics management services? Contact us, and our SAP consultants will tell you how you can leverage SAP LBN for your business.

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