LeverX experts joined SAP Discovery Day to stay on course in the rough seas of the modern business landscape using SAP BTP.

SAP Discovery Day: Discovering SAP BTP Benefits for Businesses

On May 24, 2023, SAP Discovery Day for BTP was held in Warsaw, Poland, providing an onsite opportunity to learn from Poland's most exciting customer experiences and meet top-class experts. The event focused on the pain points of data integration and analysis, the lack of IT professionals in the market, and business process automation and management. These challenges make it difficult for businesses to stay on course in the rough seas of the modern business landscape.

The event was a fruitful experience for the LeverX team, who met with customers and partners interested in how SAP Build opens new opportunities with Low Code/No Code solutions. The LeverX experts, Siarhei Valenda and Siarhei Bahamiaka, demonstrated how to use SAP Build in practice to create a business application without requiring developers. 

leverx-at-sap-discovery-day LeverX at SAP Discovery Day

"We provided an overview of the capabilities of SAP Build Apps to develop web and mobile applications and presented  a live demonstration of how a business user can build the application in less than an hour. We showed how we used SAP Build Apps to develop Intelligent Co-Pilot based on flexible ChatGPT models,"

said Siarhei Valenda, Head of Automated Information System Development at LeverX.

The main point of interest from the business side was the ability of joint application development by citizen developers and the ability to use pre-defined data models related to the most critical business scenarios.

Overall, the SAP Discovery Day for BTP in Warsaw was an excellent opportunity for LeverX and other attendees to learn from experts, share experiences, and explore new solutions that can help businesses navigate the challenges of the modern business landscape.

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