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Transparency and efficiency improvement with Leverx IQ DMS

LeverX integrated a customer’s product documentation into the SAP system to get the best devices to market both quickly and accurately.

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LeverX integrated a customer’s product documentation into the SAP system to get the best devices to market both quickly and accurately.


A major medical device company.


Necessary product document files took too long to create, lacked transparency, often contained errors, and were difficult to share with stakeholders within the process.


LeverX deployed IQ DMS to perform the integration and management of engineering docs in SAP. In addition to the standard out-of-the-box tool of IQ DMS, the customer also wanted some key features for functions used every day.

Customer Backgrounds

The company product documents were created in CDESK / Solidworks, which was then integrated into SAP to be viewed and managed across the enterprise. There were many manual processes for creating and integrating documents that took time and were vulnerable to mistakes. On top of the timely uploads, documents were solely “view only” within the company's SAP DMS system. As a result, required information was often unavailable to SAP users in other places around the world.

Project Scope

Some of the custom development features include:

  • Drag and Drop Feature

Allows users to simply select files of all types and drop them directly into SAP, eliminating the manual process of individually selecting and uploading documents.

  • Added Translations

With users all over the world (United States, EAM, and the Middle East), there was a direct need to have multiple translations. LeverX provided over 20 languages that could be translated into their SAP system.

  • Object Links > DIR Object Links.

Initially, BOM’s, Materials, and other docs were strictly “view only” inside of SAP. Object dependencies were not available until LeverX introduced a new justification button allowing the user to open and read documents stored in SAP. Documents that are added, removed, or edited will be automatically updated to the entire SAP system in real-time.


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LeverX helped the entire enterprise view and manage any type of document within SAP. Everything is seen in real-time throughout the world. From the creation of the document to elimination, the employees are able to cut their communication times in half. Along with the gain of transparency, this client was able to save hours of integration each day through the use of drag and drop, allowing them to move documents into SAP within seconds.

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