Simplify access to documents stored in SAP to improve user productivity.

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SAP DMS Made Simple

IQ DMS provides an intuitive interface that enables users to easily manage documents from any device. It extends SAP DMS capabilities, including bookmarks, subscriptions and guided search.

Intuitive User Interface

Access Documents From Any Device

Simplified Document Search

Bookmarks and Subscription

Here's How IQ DMS Helps You Improve User Productivity

IQ DMS improves the experience and productivity of SAP DMS users, saving valuable time including the following benefits:

Allow users to access documents from any device and location.

Simple, Intuitive, and easy to use. Limited training required.

Eliminates requirements for Java applets, certificates, and whitelists.

Users That Would Benefit From IQ DMS

Below is a sample list of the type of users that would benefit from using IQ DMS.

  • Consumers of Documents.
  • Roles that need to retrieve documents to perform specific job functions.
  • Users that need to keep track of when documents change.

  • Casual users that log into SAP infrequently
  • Mobile device users.
  • Individuals that need to collect documents for regulatory compliance reporting.

Key Features and Capabilities

IQ DMS offers the following key features and capabilities that expand on standard SAP DMS.


Document management

Access to documents


  • Simple and quick display access to documents stored in SAP
  • UI is self-explanatory; users are up and running in minutes
  • Allows for SAP Easy DMS/ECTR folder or attribute-based navigation and browsing

Document management

  • Bookmark documents and folders that are of interest.
  • Subscribe to documents and be notified when they change.
  • Setup periodic reviews dates for critical documents.

Access to documents

  • Simplified Search and/or Advanced Search.
  • Users only see documents which they have access based on authorizations.
  • Access original files directly from the search results for faster viewing.
  • No local software install required.
  • Works On Any Device: Mobile, Tablet, Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc.

Setup Demonstration

Contact us to set up an initial discussion and demonstration.

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