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The LeverX team implemented several SAP EHSM modules as Sustainability Solutions to ensure safety on different levels. Additionally, they integrated a Fiori application for employee medical management.

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The LeverX team implemented several SAP EHSM modules as Sustainability Solutions to ensure safety on different levels and a Fiori application for employee medical management.


Customer Data

The customer is an international provider of mobility and logistics services operating globally, with over 300,000 employees working for the company.


The client needed to ensure a thorough health and safety environment for employees. They needed to upgrade the old technologies that maintain employees' medical appointment scheduling in the Occupation Health environment. Also, improvements needed to be made in the risk assessment processes and chemical and safety management to prevent hazardous situations.


The LeverX team performed several standalone developments for the customer and managed certain extensions and improvements for existing functionalities within SAP EHS solutions.

Solution Description

Leverx works with companies and organizations to address the complex challenges of today's business world. Each of our partners is an experienced, innovative, and proven leader in their respective fields.

Solution 1 – Fiori application for employee medical checkup

Implement a new Fiori application to schedule medical appointments for employees.

In the Occupational Health industry, there is a standard solution for medical appointment scheduling based on old technologies the customer has already used. The challenge was to integrate some old processes and database tables into the Fiori solution and use them to implement customer requirements. For example, the Fiori calendar should be upgraded to display available and unavailable days with green and red color. Additionally, it should suggest the first available time slot in the selected date for the new appointment.  

Four LeverX team members worked on this part of the project: a team lead, a scrum master, and three developers.

Project scope: 

  • Implement CDS views which contain medical services and medical appointments overview;
  • Implement logic to create/delete appointments and propose relevant time slots for the appointment;
  • Implement Fiori planning calendar;
  • Implement authorization concept;
  • Implement emails with PDF attachments to employees’ managers about the medical appointments’ results.

Solution 2 – New analysis method for a work environment risk evaluation

Implement a new analysis method to evaluate workplace risk levels within the standard risk assessment process. The new analysis method is based on the Easy-to-Use Workplace Control Scheme for Hazardous Substances (EMKG) provided by the German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA).

Three LeverX team members worked on this part of the project: a team lead, a scrum master, and two developers.

Project scope:

  • Extend standard Business Object (an SAP technical entity, representing an artifact such as chemical or location, etc.) with new elements;
  • Create database tables for customizing values according to the EMKG;
  • Implement risk level calculation logic within the standard risk assessment process.

Solution 3 – Hazardous material and safety data management

Implement a solution that uploads chemical data and safety data sheets from external resources to the customer's database. The LeverX team also adapted the chemical data format from the external API database source to the data storage model on the client's side.

Follow-up development was required. The goal was to notify responsible people if hazardous conditions were detected. Examples of hazardous conditions include: 

  • Occupational exposure limits for chemicals and hazardous ingredients decreased in the new chemical revision
  • Chemical attributes, such as hazard classes, hazard statements, etc., change in the new chemical revision compared to the previous chemical revision.

Three LeverX team members worked on this part of the project: a team lead, a scrum master, and two developers.

Project scope:

  • Analyze business and technical logic of corresponding Business Objects;
  • Identify required data format;
  • Create new customizing tables, mapping tables;
  • Implement logic for creating and updating Business Objects’ attributes with values coming from the API;
  • Generate emails to responsible persons if occupational exposure limits for chemicals’ hazardous ingredients have decreased in new chemical revision;
  • Generate emails to responsible persons if chemical attributes (for example, hazard classes, hazard statements, etc.) change in the new chemical revision compared to the previous chemical revision.

Solution 4 – Extensions and new features for EHS solutions

Develop new features for existing custom application solutions and adapt standard applications to meet customer needs in different subareas of an SAP EHS like Hazardous Substance Management, Incident Management, Risk Management and Occupational Health. The goal is to improve and extend existing standards and custom applications and processes.

Two developers from the LeverX team worked on this part of the project.

Project scope:

  • Implement logic to generate chemical labels in editable format, including programmatically modifying custom XML parts of Microsoft Word templates;
  • Extend standard workflows within the risk assessment approval process and incident notification process;
  • Extend the chemical interface, which consumes data from the external source and updates related SAP data models;
  • Extend solutions related to employees' yearly health examinations;
  • Extend standard applications for managing Safety Instructions for chemicals, equipment and biohazards and corresponding PDF documents.

Key Features

Medical appointments calendar

Develop Fiori application to allow appointment management for employees in different medical centers.

New risk analysis method

This new method is available in the standard SAP EHS application “Manage Risk Assessment Projects” and allows the evaluation of the risk level of a hazard at a specific location.

Chemical interface

A program that uploads chemical data from the external resource to the customer database.  


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Technology Stack we used

The LeverX team chooses the latest technologies when possible. For the development of the new application, we used Fiori. The other technologies correspond to the customer's needs.

  • XML


As a result of these SAP EHS solutions, the Medical appointment calendar now helps the client employ preventive measures for employees' physical and mental health.

The risk analysis method is one of the steps used to evaluate risk levels at a certain location where hazardous chemicals are used. Together with other analysis methods, it allows the customer to have an overview of a specific location risk levels for responsible persons.

The chemical interface is one of the essential solutions for the customer in the Hazardous Substance Management area. The developed program is the primary source from which the customer gets chemical data like hazard classes, hazard statements, hazardous ingredients, physical and chemical characteristics, first aid and firefighting measures, local regulatory information, etc. Later, this chemical information is used in other solutions, such as risk analysis and chemical safety instruction

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