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Optimization of Maintenance Operations with SAP BTP

BTP-based mobile solution for field workers and engineers

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Learn how LeverX developed a mobile application designed for maintenance engineers, providing them with instant access to vital information and features to streamline maintenance procedures and increase operational effectiveness.

Defining Challenges

An affiliate of a fully integrated sugarcane company sought to enhance its maintenance processes for machinery repairs. As a key player in the industry, the client demanded precision and efficiency in their operations. However, the existing maintenance flow processes faced challenges of disconnected data, manual analysis, and delayed data processing. These challenges made the business architects seek a tech solution to: 

  • Provide a real-time analysis of the collected data insights. 
  • Reduce potential delays in decision-making and execution processes, compared with traditional manual methods. 
  • Open up space for the adoption of new cloud technologies on BTP to ensure its future availability to the operators.

How the Transformation Journey Began

The journey towards transformation began during the SAP SAPPHIRE event in Orlando, in 2023, where the client presented their challenge of providing data accessibility for their maintenance engineers. During our collaboration, we recognized the need for mobile technology to facilitate quick access to maintenance orders and other essential information collected within SAP Datasphere.

We considered our options and decided to investigate SAP Build Apps, even though we were aware of its limitations, such as:

  • The capability to create mobile applications was not scheduled until Q3/Q4 2023.
  • The absence of extensive authentication support, which was expected to be resolved by the end of 2023.

LeverX presented these limitations but provided the client with alternative options for mobile application development using SAP BTP. These options included a Mobile Development Kit (MDK), BTP SDK for iOS and Android, and a web-based solution accessible via a browser. 

Taking into account all the constraints and SAP's roadmap, SAP Build Apps was chosen as the primary technology. This choice guaranteed not only the opportunity for swift development of lightweight mobile applications but also provided the client with the option to leverage their "citizen developers" for minor system modifications. Furthermore, following discussions with SAP Product Ownership, we found a potential workaround for existing limitations by integrating SAP Mobile Start with the Build Work Zone. 

Insights Into the Development Process

Our mission was to craft a modern solution that would not only optimize the client’s maintenance processes but also empower their workforce and streamline data management. To achieve this, we took the following steps:

1. Solution architecture

We engaged in thorough discussions regarding data contracts and the strategy for implementing mobility using SAP Mobile Start and Build Work Zone. This culminated in the creation of a comprehensive solution architecture to encompass data flows, protocols, and other crucial components.

2. Planning and timeline

The project planning and timeline were carefully crafted to ensure smooth progress and timely delivery. While the project was notably straightforward, we emphasized regular updates and embraced an iterative delivery approach to enhance adaptability and responsiveness. Key milestones and timelines were established to maintain project momentum and facilitate efficient execution.

3. Streamlining data management

Streamlined data management was crucial for our project's success, and we achieved this by seamlessly integrating with SAP Datasphere. The client took the lead on this step, enabling data aggregation for real-time insights, thus enhancing our decision-making processes. Their team handled it using SAP Datasphere and established an API Management layer for efficient data consumption by mobile application.

4.Ensuring connectivity and security

One of our top priorities was to guarantee robust connectivity and stringent security measures, particularly as we were consuming API Management APIs provided by the client. To achieve this, we implemented a standard user authentication mechanism based on SAP Identity Authentication Services for the mobile application and used destination connectivity within SAP Build Apps development environment. Through these concerted efforts, the integrity of the systems was fortified while maintaining uninterrupted connectivity, laying a solid foundation for the secure exchange of information between the system components.

5. Training and knowledge transfer

We provided comprehensive training and documentation to empower the client’s team with the knowledge to effectively use the new mobile solution and its architecture. This step facilitated a smooth transition and enabled users to maximize the benefits of the modernized system.

Technologies Used

Proposed Architecture & BTP Services


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Project Results

Our collaboration with the client resulted in transformative outcomes that delivered tangible benefits and drove operational efficiency across their maintenance processes. The results of the implementation were shared on a couple of events including niche SAP BTP Champion Days conference and SAP SAPPHIRE in Orlando.

Optimized maintenance processes

The solution streamlined the client's maintenance tasks, making them simpler and more efficient. Workers no longer had to struggle with manual processes; instead, they could focus on their jobs with ease.

The introduction of our modern solution meant that field workers could access real-time data whenever they needed it. This was a game-changer, as it helped them make better decisions quickly, improving their overall productivity.

Thanks to integration with SAP Datasphere, the client's data became more organized and accessible. This meant that important insights were at their fingertips, guiding smarter decisions and strategic planning.

Empowered workforce

SAP Build Apps based user-friendly mobile app became a trusted tool for the client's team, boosting their productivity and simplifying their tasks. Workers found it easy to use and valuable for their daily operations.

The app was designed with the user in mind, ensuring that maintenance engineers could easily access crucial information and complete tasks more efficiently. It became an essential part of their workflow.


Improved decision-making

Real-time data became a cornerstone of the client's decision-making process. Managers and engineers could quickly access the latest information, leading to more informed and timely decisions.

With faster responses to maintenance needs, downtime was reduced, and operations ran smoother. Decisions that used to take hours of analysis could now be made swiftly, thanks to real-time insights.

Seamless connectivity and security

The solution ensures that data flows seamlessly between the client's on-premises and cloud services. Data security was a top priority, and our integrated solutions provided a strong defense against threats.

The client could rely on a secure digital connection, ensuring that their operations were well-protected. In a world of evolving digital risks, we provided the peace of mind they needed.

In this co-developed landscape, the client and LeverX teams not only addressed the challenges faced by field workers but also paved the way for enhanced efficiency, productivity, and data-driven decision-making. With solutions delivered by our team and joint efforts with the client, the company now stands equipped with a modernized maintenance system, ready to navigate the future with confidence.

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