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BMAX Solution Implementation for the Automation of master data process

The solution allowed the client to save about 15 minutes per Material.

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The solution allowed the client to save about 15 minutes per Material.


Entegris is a global leader in advanced materials science. Their SAP PLM journey began back in 2015 and continued with enhancements to their platform via LeverX BOM/Material Master Extension and Allocation Tool Solution (BMAX) described below.


Improving the time to value was a key business driver in the decision to implement the BMAX tool solution. Entegris desired a cost-effective, adaptable tool that works within the SAP PLM suite vs. a stand-alone solution.


With a core emphasis on increasing the speed of new product launches while reducing the process of Material creation and extension from days to minutes, Entegris turned to the BMAX tool solution from LeverX.


In the initial PLM implementation, the focus was on eliminating system silos and isolated information that was causing errors and lost time within product development. When a successful SAP PLM system was established, it was time to focus on improving business processes around the solution via BMAX.

Solution Description

BMAX is a tool that, with the help of a rules engine, automates the creation and extension of Material Master and BOMs in operations. When you define rules per governance, BMAX executes them with a single click.

The solution allowed the client to save about 15 minutes per Material.


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Key Benefits of BMAX Implementation for the client

Key benefits Entegris has achieved from BMAX:

  • Allowed them to immediately roll out data field changes across the organization with rule changes.
  • Automated the Master Master creation AND extension process which was formerly time-consuming and open to error.
  • Reduced the time it takes to create material.
  • Built data governance controls into the Material Master creation process.
  • SAP PLM helps to make pharmaceutical production more effective and with lower risk.

Technologies Used


BMAX allows engineers to get a Material Number in SAP in a matter of seconds. The PLM journey brings agility to the production process, dramatically decreasing lost time and data entry errors BMAX allows Entegris to automate data creation in a decentralized fashion, supporting accurate data entry by the right people at the right time. Centralized data entry departments are a thing of the past; Entegris can now work in a parallel process. After a successful implementation in 2018, Entegris rolled out BMAX Worldwide to more than 15 plants, affecting over a hundred users.

The implementation of BMAX was just the first step in an overarching strategy to optimize our client’s product creation/change process. In the next phase, Entegris plans to roll out the LeverX Integrated Process Solution (IPS), with BMAX integrated inside as a ‘subroutine’ or task that will be driven by a LeverX IPS, work-flow ticket.

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