LeverX IPS saves you significant time and money to implement business process automation and workflow running across the SAP business suite and S/4HANA.

Easy SAP workflow creation


Are you an SAP user? You understand the need for more flexibility in your enterprise system. Traditionally, your company might hire developers who’d spend thousands of hours to build a custom SAP workflow to fix one business process at a time. LeverX IPS saves you significant time and money to implement business process automation and workflow running across the SAP business suite and S/4HANA. IPS helps you with an integrated, fully automated, flexible and organized solution.

With IPS, you can get all your process data off emails and into SAP will make accessing and collaborating easier. IPS helps ensure you don’t miss anything because your processes will be connected with what you need to do in the system. IPS guarantees your business processes are repeatable and you consistently get the same results. You can also track how long each task in the process takes and everyone can see exactly what needs to be done at all stages of the process. It saves you time by providing all the information in the IPS workflow solution, which makes the auditing so much easier. LeverX IPS connects objects and processes which would make the job easier. Our workflow tool looks, feels and works the same across all objects.


IPS is a decision based workflow tool. LeverX’s Integrated Process Solution (IPS) takes standard SAP Workflow capabilities and amplifies them to enable the true potential and business value. IPS is keenly focused on simplifying the workflow modeling and build out process, cutting total efforts down to hours and days vs. weeks and months. The goal is to deliver business value quickly.  Click for IPS Product Page


IPS can be utilized in multiple ways to support your business processes with a robust workflow: Integrated into PLM objects such as Document Info Records or Engineering Records, As a “Ticket” method to manage the processing of standard SAP objects, As an ‘Object Service’ within the classic SAP ECC GUI, As a general ‘Management of Change’ workflow even when no SAP objects are involved.

There are many key benefits provided by LeverX IPS. IPS supports business functions ranging from Marketing to Development, Operations, Sales, Finance, Logistics and Customer Services. IPS enables process governance and agility that balances flexibility with compliance. IPS collects all SAP business objects, processes, decisions, and notes into one record for auditability and traceability. Provides a unified process management capability for both SAP and non-SAP users.


Inevitably, when a customer integrates IPS into their landscape, they want to expand its use beyond just engineering. What we noticed is once a customer gets comfortable with building IPS workflows, they use our IPS Ticket functionality to bring in business processes across the organization. With IPS Tickets, you can enable workflow for any standard SAP object, moving beyond engineering and into other parts of the business. Some example business processes where IPS can be utilized: Manufacturing changes, Vender setup & approval, Procurement requests, Request for quote, Sales order release, Equipment master creation and release, HR Hire-to-Retire processes, Plant maintenance work requests and many more.

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