Sopphire 2018

SAPPHIRE remained committed to a tradition of impressive scale, rich agenda, and a variety of session types, from interactive sessions and panel discussions to meetups and ‘Ask the Expert’ guidance.

SAPPHIRE NOW 2018: LeverX visits the largest SAP event of the year

SAPPHIRE remained committed to a tradition of impressive scale, rich agenda, and a variety of session types, from interactive sessions and panel discussions to meetups and ‘Ask the Expert’ guidance. In order not to get lost in a huge session catalogue, exhibitors and attendees were free to check out the topics related to their line of business or industry and create their own agendas.

LeverX representatives have actively participated in the event: at our booth we were discussing the newest technology trends and innovations presented during the SAP Design Thinking workshops, as well as speaking about our products and expertise. 

Our team of experts included Dr. Victor Lozinski, Jason LaPlante, David Kramp, Peter Demtschenko, Sergey Seleznev, Artsem Yemtsau, and Stepan Yunkevich.

Central themes and meaningful renamings

“A lot of presentations were united by a common topic of Cloud by SAP,” says Stepan Yunkevich, one of the LeverX representatives at SAPPHIRE NOW 2018. “Moving from on-premise to the Cloud becomes smoother than ever thanks to the enhanced cloud services that transfer data to the Cloud without compromising security.”

Another important milestone of the event was an announcement that SAP Hybris had acquired a new name. Following the evolution of customer demand,  it became SAP Customer Experience while its suite changed the name to SAP C/4HANA.

The latter delivers a bunch of cloud solutions to manage customer experience; it can be integrated directly into SAP S/4HANA. SAP C/4HANA is not limited to sales only and focused on marketing, commerce, consumer data protection, and customer service as well.

One more crucial step towards the SAP mobile technology advancement has been an introduction of SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android, a new feature of SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services. This SDK brings together strong points of SAP Cloud Platform and the global scale of the Android OS.

The major focus of the conference, however, was on SAP Leonardo and a bunch of its innovative services. Initially positioned as an IoT platform, the brand now also covers Machine Learning, Blockchain, Conversational AI, Recast.AI, and other services from the Cloud Platform to show businesses how to achieve digital transformation.

“SAP aimed to demonstrate how SAP Leonardo innovative areas had already found their way into projects,” explains Stepan, “specifically, their proof of concept, related to a medical approval flow, declares effectiveness of smart contracts. That’s where SAP Blockchain technologies are ready to make a breakthrough.”

SAP Leonardo in action

To support SAP Leonardo digital transformation capabilities, a part of the participants showcased the power of the services though their business cases. Daimler AG used SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation for intelligent detection of Mercedes Benz models; Kimberly-Clark bet on SAP Predictive Analytics to predict their market share; Life & Mobility simplified their customers’ lives combining the IoT, SAP Cloud Platform, and the SAP Leonardo Analytics techs, etc.

LeverX couldn’t stay away from SAP Leonardo benefits for business — Sergey Seleznev took an active part in a joint SAP/LeverX Live Engineering with IoT presentation targeted at showing a fruitful collaboration between SAP Leonardo services. Sergey demonstrated an IoT-enabled robot that fixed the wheels on a vehicle. In case of issues with the vehicle, the system was informed that something went wrong. RobotX, the LeverX IoT prototyping platform, resumed processing and attempted to repeat the last failed step.

This proof of concept turned out to be very popular among visitors as it had vividly displayed the SAP Leonardo IoT benefits for the automotive industry.

In addition to the IoT solution presentation, the LeverX team conducted a review of our products (IPS, BMAX, and IQ Series) highlighting an extensive SAP expertise of ours.

On the way to intelligent enterprises

On top of digital transformation and design thinking approaches that drive business, the intelligent enterprise was also a leading theme that ran through the SAPPHIRE workshops and demos. If SAP, their partners, and customers work towards a common goal and prioritize innovative areas and cloud, enterprises will turn into intelligent ones on a dime. SAPPHIRE NOW 2018 has already provided evidence that global giants like SAP, Google, and Microsoft pull in the same direction when it comes to digital transformation strategies.

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