Leverx awards 2023

LeverX strives to provide excellence in software development, and our efforts have been acknowledged by multiple research portals. Read the article to learn more!

LeverX Awards 2023: Top 8 Recognitions We Received This Year

LeverX supports companies of all sizes across various industries. Market surveys of expert sources reflect our efforts in creating value for our customers. Read this article to learn more about our recognitions and awards to date.


Together with well-known and influential partners, LeverX was awarded the honor of inclusion on Clutch’s list of top SAP companies. The leading ratings and reviews platform for B2B service providers, Clutch sets the highest standards for the listed companies by collecting client feedback and analyzing industry data, including quality market research, unbiased reviews, and more.

This recognition demonstrates LeverX’s reliable and reputable partnership with SAP and commitment to building effective SAP implementation strategies for customers, driving impact along their transformational journeys.


LeverX has proven experience in system development and implementation, and our expertise has been approved by inclusion in the Manifest’s Top 100 Systems Integration Companies.

Manifest is a digital platform that helps businesses choose the most suitable partner for different business service providers. Our recognition in the list of verified agencies once again confirms the company’s profitable software integration strategies that fully satisfy end-users and bring value to businesses.


Another recognition we received this year was from Wadline, one of the leading research platforms that helps clients find the best IT companies for projects in web, mobile, and software development.

We were ranked among the top Warehouse Management Software, ERP Software, and CRM Software development companies. We are proud to meet the highest standards of verified future-proof performance, process transparency, and sustainable business practices.



With over 10 years of commercial experience, SuperbCompanies is a narrow-profile research portal that helps collect, systematize, and analyze data from thousands of new and established companies worldwide.

LeverX has been selected as one of the top custom software development companies based on the quality of our features and capabilities, the strength of our development skills, sustainable innovation, and growth potential. This recognition rewards the robustness of our software development experience and the creation of thorough and impactful business strategies.


Softwareworld is a review site and trusted source of feedback that helps customers find the right opportunity for reliable partnerships. Evaluating our past performance and abilities, Softwareworld has featured LeverX on its trusted list of the top 50+ custom software development companies of 2023.

LeverX will continue to adjust and expand its offerings to deliver the level of service that companies need, including cost-effective software solutions, sustainable business practices, and productive teamwork.

App Futura

App Futura has included LeverX on its list of top custom software development companies in the USA.  A staple in the IT industry and a reference for IT firms worldwide, App Futura works closely on projects with buyers and service provider companies.

Receiving this recognition from the App Futura platform confirms the excellence of our service offering. Our high-quality expert knowledge of software development and proficiency in applying technologies is the foundation for the effective growth of high-performing global companies.


iTRate provides an evidence-based guide for customers to make safe B2B partnering decisions based on aptitude for problem-solving in all business areas.

LeverX has been listed in the Top Custom Software Development Companies service category. This recognition emphasizes our company’s industry visibility, innovation, and impact. We will maintain a high standard, seeing it as a natural extension of the business experience.

Top Software Companies

Top Software Companies is a research portal helping enterprises find and hire top IT service providers based on their qualifications, service line, and other criteria.

LeverX was listed in Top 10+ Software Development Companies in the USA in March of this year due to our quality features and capabilities, the strength of our tech skills, innovation, and growth potential.

In a Nutshell

A sustainable approach and innovative strategies are the most critical factors to consider while looking for software development services. Given the previous recognitions, LeverX will continue improving our online reputation by showcasing service offerings to help businesses all around the world. Are you searching for a top-notch service provider? Contact us for more information and a tailor-made consultation!

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