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Developing Mobile Solution for a Banking Company

LeverX developed a mobile solution that allowed the banking company to improve customer service and increase customer satisfaction.

LeverX developed a mobile solution that allowed the banking company to improve customer service and increase customer satisfaction.



Our customer is a company that operates in the banking and financial sector.


The company sought to digitize all processes, giving users the opportunity to perform all transactions online without coming to the bank branch.


Web applications and mobile applications (Android and iOS) are aimed at improving the quality of customer service and allow bank customers to quickly perform a full range of financial transactions in two clicks.

Solution’s Description

Leverx Group works with companies and organizations to address the complex challenges of today's business world. Each of our partners is an experienced, innovative, and proven leader in their respective fields.


SAP PLM is a solid basis for the automotive industry. This solution helps digitize and automate manufacturing processes and work more efficiently with suppliers and partners.

Aerospace & Defense

The solution allows aerospace and defense companies to reduce the time to market for innovations without compromising safety while simulating innovation scenarios along a complex value chain.

Food & Beverage

SAP PLM provides the food & beverage industry with all the required technologies that help to develop sustainable, traceable, high-quality products within a shorter time.

Consumer Goods

With SAP PLM, this industry can exceed the diverse expectations of consumers and enable sustainably and profitably growth for the business.


SAP PLM helps to make pharmaceutical production more effective and with lower risk.

Key Features

Financial transactions

Quick online payment, balance check, money transfers, and other financial transactions.

AR-based search

Search for the nearest or suitable bank branch using AR.

Updates on financial information

Provide up-to-date information on exchange rates, interest rates, card issues, all financial products and services, etc.

Personalized recommendations

Provide clients with personalized recommendations in accordance with their financial needs based on Data Science.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication method for the highest level of sensitive data security.


It is possible with mobile maintenance scenarios and two SAP solutions, SAP Work Manager (SAP WM) и SAP Asset Manager (SAP AM). They provide access to information on asset statuses and allow you to maintain them comprehensively.

SAP WM is a mobile application with wider functionality that offers both on-premise and cloud hosting capabilities.

SAP AM is a more modern cloud-based solution that can be integrated with innovative SAP Cloud Platform IoT.

Both solutions help to improve enterprise asset productivity with constant monitoring, analytics, and timely diagnostics.


  • Android SDK
  • Android Studio
  • SQLite
  • Eclipse

  • Objective-C
  • UIkit
  • XCode 6
  • Java
  • Spring Framework
  • Hibernate
  • Maven

  • AR
  • Data Science
  • AWS services

Document Management

  • Document Release
  • Material Master Release and Extension
  • Sales Order Release
  • Manufacturing Instruction Release

Request Management

  • Procurement Request
  • Tooling Change Request
  • Shop Floor Issue Request
  • Customer Issue Request
  • Plant Maintenance Work Request
  • Request for Quote


Thanks to the mobile solution, the company has automated all processes as much as possible.

Benefits for the company and users include simplified transactions, complete transparency, reduced bureaucracy, ease of use, 24/7 availability, and real-time support.


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