The Guide to Digitization in Supply Chain with SAP DSC

Welcome to the world of Supply Chain 4.0, the concept that’s becoming used to frame together some of the current trends in the industry around digitalization, automation, and cloud technologies. This whitepaper offers help to anyone interested in how to make the supply chain resilient amid common disruptions.

The Guide to Digitization in Supply Chain 4.0 with SAP DSC

More and more companies rely on digitization of their logistics, as this is the only way to meet ever-increasing market demands. Intelligent technologies provide the speed, visibility, and resiliency these companies need to thrive and compete in this complex business landscape.

Supply Chain 4.0 sets the standard for high-tech digitization in the industry. The basis is a digital convergence of processes, in which processes and data can be integrated across multiple supply chains and product lifecycles. Supply Chain 4.0 builds on existing revolutionary technologies, starting with lean setups and forging well-structured processes with four key concepts in mind:

  • Information transparency
  • Interoperability
  • Decentralized decision-making
  • Technical support

Undoubtedly, the conversion to Supply Chain 4.0 does not have to happen overnight and is a continuous and constant process that gradually includes all company areas. Implementing the changeover during ongoing operations is a big challenge for many companies. Therefore, it is crucial to select the right supply chain management software to make the digitization process smoother.

In This Whitepaper, You Will Discover:

  • How the supply chain has evolved with the introduction of the latest technology
  • Where to start when planning to digitize your supply chain processes
  • How SAP helps businesses manage the supply chain efficiently and in compliance with all relevant regulations

Download the whitepaper, gain valuable insights, and learn from LeverX experts what is in demand, feasible, and possible today.

The Guide to Digitization in Supply Chain 4.0 with SAP DSC

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