LeverX demonstrated its commitment to innovation and partnership within the SAP ecosystem by participating in the SAP Partner Summit BTP. The summit, which serves as a focal point for discussions and collaboration within the global SAP community, highlighted the critical role of the Business Technology Platform (BTP) in driving digital transformation and business success.

LeverX Participated in the SAP Partner Summit BTP in Warsaw

BTP remains at the forefront of discussions within the global SAP community, representing a pivotal area of interest for industry leaders. It is therefore significant that the Cambridge Innovation Centre Warsaw was selected as the venue for the SAP Partner Summit BTP, underscoring its relevance and importance.

During the summit, Maksim Radziuk, Head of the Digital Supply Chain Focus Area at LeverX, alongside Klaudia Halar, Associate Business Development, provided insights into LeverX's projects, achievements, and strategic focus for 2024. This gathering provided a valuable opportunity to assess progress, establish objectives, and commemorate milestones achieved in collaboration with SAP in Poland.

As seasoned professionals in BTP, particularly in integration, we found great value in delving into this evolving subject matter and gaining insights into SAP Poland's ambitious plans for the year ahead. LeverX showcased its robust capabilities, reaffirming our dedication to delivering top-tier SAP services.


Siarhei Bahamiaka, Maksim Radziuk, Adam Adamczyk, Klaudia Halar, Dzmitry Jablonski, Valeryia Miranenka

In light of these discussions, we invite you to participate in our upcoming webinars and workshops centered around the BTP Online Project. These sessions promise to offer a comprehensive understanding of SAP BTP's capabilities and its potential in developing both SAP and non-SAP solution extensions. Secure your participation now and engage with us in this enriching webinar series.


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