LeverX is a Google Cloud partner

2023 has started with a new partnership we are proud for. The Google Cloud Partner status gives us new experience and opportunities we will be happy to share with you.

LeverX Has Received the Status of a Google Cloud Partner

2023 has just started, and our company is already accomplishing big things. For years, we have been SAP and AWS partners, which has helped us open up new business perspectives and become a global system integrator. Today, we are happy to announce that LeverX is now a Google Cloud Partner. 

This achievement will help us strengthen our system integrator position and provide our customers with top-certified and qualified services. 

How can our customers benefit from our Google Partner status?

  • Deep experience. The LeverX experts have a profound understanding of Google services and help transform your business with this knowledge.
  • Being up-to-date. Google partners can constantly extend their Google expertise through live streams and on-demand training.
  • Direct communication and access to Google experts. Google partners have access to a Google Account Manager and can quickly help you if you face an error.
  • Google’s standards. Google ensures that its partner companies provide outstanding service.
  • Turnkey campaigns. We offer the launch of campaigns with turnkey content.
  • Partner marketing funds. As a Google partner, we can access Google Cloud Funds to help you grow your company’s pipeline and revenue. 
  • Sandbox toolkit. All your campaigns can be tested before being launched. 

    And we won’t stop with these results. Our next goal is to prove our strong expertise in SAP on any Cloud by achieving the Premier status.

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