LeverX at Hannover Messe 2022

Heidelberg, 24.05.2022 – LeverX represented by the German office in Heidelberg joins HANNOVER MESSE 2022 ...

LeverX at #HannoverMesse 2022 – Your digital transformation starts here: Stand D40, Hall 004

Heidelberg, 24.05.2022 – LeverX represented by the German office in Heidelberg joins HANNOVER MESSE 2022 to share the expertise in improving process efficiency in supply chain management, manufacturing management, sustainability solutions, and other areas. The company will show the exhibition visitors how to increase business profitability and employee efficiency with technological approach.

“Joining Hannover Messe allows us to share proven experience in introducing cutting-edge technologies, SAP and non-SAP custom solutions, LeverX products and services . Due to projects delivered fast and on time, our clients successfully improve ROI by investing in IT solutions. For 19+ years in the industry, we've worked with different market leaders, including KIA, JBS, 3M, Fuchs, and others.
We are happy to share our clients’ case studies with businesses to help them address the existing challenges with the right IT solution based on industry specifics and their pains and needs,” - Eleanora Kalinina, the Head of Global Marketing at LeverX, stressed out.

Hannover Messe is the world's leading industrial technology trade show with more than 6,500 exhibitors. It is also the world's leading convergence of industrial automation and technology, defined as Industry 4.0.

From innovative factory solutions to additive manufacturing and smart robots, Hannover Messe unites thousands of exhibiting brands in one place and offers a packed schedule of presentations and demonstrations.

The annual event attracts over 200,000 visitors who will showcase their products in six areas:

  • Automation, Motion & Drives – includes automation, power transmission and control, fluid power.
  • Digital Ecosystems – the platform for all the software solutions needed along the entire industrial value chain such as AI and machine learning, simulation, and digital twin, blockchain and industrial IT, VR, Big Data, IT security, cloud services, and digital platforms.
  • Logistics – every two years the focus is placed on intra-logistic solutions and services, including material handling as digitalization is crucial to the increasing integration of production and logistics.
  • Energy Solutions – presents efficient, climate-neutral energy supply in industrial plants and mobility infrastructures.
  • Engineered Parts & Solutions – focuses on materials, processes, and forward-looking issues such as lightweight design and additive manufacturing
  • Future Hub – highlights key solutions that are relevant to tomorrow’s industrial requirements. Special attention is given to start-ups, new technologies, Work 4.0, and topics related to the innovation culture.

“The motto of the Hannover Messe this year is “Let’s Create the Industry of Tomorrow” that is completely congruent with the slogan of LeverX “Innovate Today to Lead Tomorrow. Welcome to our Stand D40, Hall 004 to start your digital transformation with us!” — Eleanora additionally emphasized.

Visit LeverX at Stand D40, Hall 004 (Digital Ecosystems), or book a meeting with our experts using the form below to discuss the value that LeverX can bring to your business. We know what solution can be the most effective for your company.


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