Digital transformation is a big challenge and opportunity for continuous and strategic development, according to LeverX experts that participated at the 13th World Chamber Congress in Geneva last week. 

LeverX highlights the opportunities for SMEs at the 13th World Chamber Congress in Geneva

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Switzerland account for 99.7% of all businesses, according to the latest figures of the Bundesamt für Statistik*. 

Digital transformation is a big challenge and opportunity for continuous and strategic development, according to LeverX experts that participated at the 13th World Chamber Congress in Geneva last week.  

The 13th World Chamber Congress (#13WCC) was held in Geneva from June 21 to 23. The prestigious event brought together more than 1500 registered attendees, including esteemed International Chambers of Commerce members, leading industry professionals, and entrepreneurs from around the globe to discuss emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities in commerce. The LeverX team made its mark in a display of expertise and innovations with business leaders and Chambers of Commerce from over 150 countries with cases in SAP solutions & custom software development.

“LeverX shared our 20 years of expertise in digitalization and automation with entrepreneurs. I would like to compliment the Swiss SMEs for their efforts, legal terms, and business environment in digitalization. Companies have increased their IT budgets for 2023. The question is — and it was one of the thrilling topics during the event - how to start their digitalization journeys and what steps and areas to consider first. To do this, they need a reliable, experienced IT partner that can support this project from the beginning - from analysis, consultation, project mapping, and digital strategy development through project execution, internal IT education, and providing support- all of which is needed to make a digital transformation project successful with visible results. And LeverX is the partner for such projects, which we have proven with our 900 projects worldwide for companies of all sizes,”

— stressed Dr. Victor Lozinski, Co-founder and Chairman of the Board at LeverX, who was a speaker at the panel discussion on Digital transformation for SME success where he shared his insights on digital transformation for SMEs' success 


During the event, LeverX shared its expertise on topics ranging from supply chain optimization and product lifecycle management to innovation strategies, intelligent asset management, and custom software engineering excellence. Leveraging their extensive experience and the latest technological advancements, our team provided valuable insights on how businesses can streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive sustainable growth.


We want to thank all who visited our booth, expressing eagerness to meet again soon and embark on successful business partnerships. LeverX’s active participation in the 13WCC reinforces our commitment to driving digital transformation and fostering global collaboration in the business landscape.

This event is biennial; the 14th World Chambers Congress (WCC) in 2025 will be held in Melbourne, Australia. 

Victor adds:

“The Geneva Congress showed how such events are important for the business community and policymakers to shape the next economic era in service of peace and prosperity. It was a great platform for collaborations and networking. We are happy to continue to share our expertise and support digital transformation worldwide.” 

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