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Studies show that digital transformation helps small and medium-sized companies enhance business performance. However, many don't know where to begin this journey. LeverX will explore the challenges and solutions of digital transformation and how it helps growing companies take their business to new heights.

Join LeverX at 13WCC to Learn More About Digital Transformation for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Geneva, Switzerland, June 21-23, 2023 — LeverX is proud to participate in the 13th World Chambers Congress, the world's largest economic forum for chambers and businesses. In this event, we will support ideas of multilateralism, innovation and sustainability in business and explore Digital Transformation's role in the global market. 

Digital transformation is crucial for companies to remain competitive in today's rapidly-changing market. This means rethinking current practices and aligning business operations and technologies with the shifting market conditions. Technology solutions support these objectives, requiring organizations to reassess their core purpose, structure, and culture to drive success. 

Digital transformation benefits businesses of all sizes, including small and medium-sized companies. It involves various tools and technology solutions like cloud-based software, automation tools, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and data analytics platforms to help companies adapt to the changing market landscape, enhance operational efficiency, and improve customer experiences. 

Digital transformation is no longer optional but necessary for businesses to thrive in today's technology-driven era. At the 13th World Chambers Congress, we will discuss how small and medium-sized companies can leverage digital transformation to take their business to new heights and how this solution positively impacts the global market.


About LeverX

Founded in 2003 in the heart of Silicon Valley, LeverX is a global system integrator that provides SAP implementation services and custom software development to companies of all sizes. Experts support clients in North America, Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East through all digital transformation and business optimization stages. What sets LeverX apart is its strong expertise, effective organizational structure, and agile corporate culture, which allows maximum flexibility and responsiveness to be a reliable partner for its clients. 

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