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The LeverX team participated in the implementation of a multi-dimensional sustainability SAP EHS solution for a chemical company that needed to manage and keep safety on different levels of its big factories worldwide.

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The LeverX team participated in the implementation of a multi-dimensional sustainability SAP EHS solution for a chemical company that needed to manage and keep safety on different levels of its big factories worldwide.


The world's largest chemical group from Europe produces components for the automotive industry, materials and aggregates for the construction industry, various plastics, synthetic rubber, fertilizers and chemical plant protection products, and gas and oil production.


The client needed a solution that would improve the monitoring and analysis of hazardous chemicals data and provide instant access to up-to-date information. Additionally, they were using an old SAP ERP with an EHSM system that needed to be upgraded to an SAP S/4HANA that could manage a complicated integration with the 3rd party apps. Also, they needed to be able to comply with government regulations and report everything related to EHS.


The SAP EHS (SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management) sustainability solutions covered all the client’s needs regarding environmental and employee health safety, data tracking and management. This also included Fiori applications development for EHS-specific reports.

Products and Services

Solution Description

Four solutions were developed and implemented for the customer:

EHS Health and Safety implementation

The LeverX team developed entirely new Fiori applications with Business Objects in S/4HANA core to manage and maintain safety on different levels of the client’s global factories. Part of these applications provides analytic possibilities to see aggregated information using various measures with the power of the S/4HANA analytical engine.

We developed applications for:

        • Chemicals Inventory
        • Hazardous Substance Inventory
        • Safety Instructions
        • Chemical Data Analysis
        • Monitoring Changes in Chemical Data

EHS Environment Management implementation

The environmental part of a project covered several solutions:

        • Implementation of a database for environmental permits that consolidated air and water quality regulations into one database. This included enhancing the EHS location structure and a new application for creating location objects.
        • Enhancement of the EHS Compliance Requirement (documentation management and permit processes), EHS Risk Assessment (hazards identifying and results reporting), and EHS Control Inspection (the visual inspection process, offline inspection) by additional attributes and functions.
        • Development and customization of SAP Adobe Interactive Forms used to send and process interactive PDF forms from an EHS Control Inspection. This includes storage of documents in local HANA DB, Full Text Index for HANA Search.
        • Data migration to the SAP EHS system. The master data related to plants were maintained in the customer system tracking emissions measurements and reporting. However, the tool had its technical limitations and needed to be replaced by an SAP EHSM.

Implementation of hazardous chemical inventory reports with Fiori

Development of Fiori applications for EHS-specific reports for North America region: SARA 302, New Jersey TCPA, RMP, Canada E2, CFATS. This solution provides special reports to display, monitor and analyze hazardous chemicals data and track its threshold exceedance at different levels of customers’ sites by date.

EHS data migration reports to SAP S/4HANA

Migration of master data and customized data of hazardous substance inventories and safety instructions from legacy EHSM to SAP S/4HANA data model.


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Technology Stack we used

In terms of Custom development, the following technologies were used:

        • ABAP
        • CDS
        • BOPF
        • Adobe Interactive PDF Forms
        • ODATA
        • SAPUI5
        • Fiori Elements
        • SAP WebIDE
        • Bitbucket
        • Hazardous substance inventory (HIS)
        • SUPA tool (SAP performance analysis)
        • Analytical Queries in CDS (S4/HANA Analytics)
        • S/4 HANA Plan Visualizer
        • SAP JIRA
        • SAP Jenkins, SAP Gerrit, SAP GIT


As a result, SAP EHS solutions helped the client control employee and environmental safety better and reduce hazardous risks. The EHS software, which automatically complies with all relevant regulations, allows linking of all the available information regarding environmental permits and improved documentation and reporting.

The development of specific Fiori applications allowed easier monitoring and analysis of essential data and hazardous risks, ensuring higher safety for business processes.

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