IQ Launch

Provide instant visibility to your product launch related milestones.

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Improve and Accelerate Launch Management

IQ Launch presents real-time data relevant to all roles involved in each stage of product innovation. All users can instantly access important readiness indicators related to their business role.

Configurable Launch Readiness Indicators

Track Single Product or Group Together

Different Views or Scenarios for Different Roles

Gain Insight into Your Live Data

Here's How IQ Launch Saves Hundreds of Project Hours

IQ Launch delivers critical data to accomplish successful product launches. Reduce time needed to manage product introductions, while avoiding costly mistakes.

Provides one source of truth in a single cockpit, viewed consistently by all user roles.

Make correct decisions faster to increase speed of product updates and introductions.

Eliminates the need for roles to export data from SAP for project collaboration.

Improve product launch data accuracy to achieve overall cost targets.

Automated alerts eliminate need to manually monitor projects.

Business Areas That Would Benefit From IQ Launch

Below is a sample list of the business areas that would benefit from using IQ Launch.

Management and Manufacturing

  • Project Teams
  • Product Management
  • Manufacturing Operations
  • Supply Chain

Organized Processes

  • Engineering
  • Scheduling
  • Finance
  • Logistics

Key Features and Capabilities

IQ Launch offers the following key features and capabilities to support the product readiness process.

Indicators to monitor the process

Adherence to your business workflow

Extended usability

Indicators to monitor the process

  • Configurable indicators that can be tied to a specific business scenario
  • Track status of indicators over time to see when they turned green, yellow or red
  • Configure indicators to match your stage gate process
  • Indicators rollup to top product level to indicate overall status

Adherence to your business workflow

  • list text here
  • Provides simple green, yellow, red status indicators that are defined based on your business rules
  • Define unlimited number of scenarios consisting of indicators tied to business roles
  • Trigger workflows based on indicators to notify participants of situations which are critical
  • Indicators can be created that pull data from external supplier sources for risk monitoring

Extended usability

  • Simplified dashboard to view stage gate readiness
  • Export summaries to MS Excel as needed
  • Links to IQ Discussion to support collaboration
  • Organize product launches into meaningful groups for coordination.

Setup Demonstration

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