IT park Uzbekistan

LeverX joins a modern ecosystem of the IT Park Uzbekistan to contribute to the country's economy and develop a sustainable IT community.

LeverX International CAU Is a Resident of the IT Park Uzbekistan

LeverX is an international IT company specializing in SAP-based software development and implementation, as well as web, mobile, and cloud solutions development. And we are happy to announce that our company has become a part of the IT Park Uzbekistan. 

LeverX in Uzbekistan

The company's representative office was opened in Tashkent at the end of 2020. LeverX has managed to become a perfect technological assistant to any business industry. Among our customers in Uzbekistan are the Ferghana Oil Refinery plant, a domestic car manufacturer UzAuto Motors, and an Uzbek supermarket chain Makro. 

In this region, our primary goal is to contribute to the country's economy, implement ambitious technological projects, and develop a sustainable IT community by sharing our expertise and learning from the major international players' experiences.

"It is a great honor for us to become a resident of the IT Park Uzbekistan. It allows us to join a large ecosystem in a free for IT companies economic zone. Combining business and information technology, we implement ambitious plans and projects, engage and retain the best specialists, and work for the country's benefit. An alternative approach to taxation of IT Park residents provides a further incentive to retain financial capital within the country and contribute to the development of its economy," Farkhod Mamadjanov, Director of LeverX International CAU, said.

LeverX builds up and strengthens its team of professionals to implement projects quickly, efficiently, and within a designated timeline. You can always rely on our expertise, ask us any questions, and receive comprehensive answers on how to automate your business processes!

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