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Lean Enterprise 2022: Data Visualization Best Practices

Webinar | September 29, 2022 | 4 PM EST

Watch the webinar and make well-thought decisions faster using insightful visualizations!

During this event, we will share insights from LeverX professionals about the scalable EPD visualization infrastructure. Discover the next-generation visual cloud applications!

We will show how you can begin to implement the new lean enterprise best practices into your product development strategy. Follow along as our speakers will teach how to use some of the newly available and most requested visualization features.

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Want to boost your strategy using lean enterprise practices?

Meet the speakers:

David Kramp
David Kramp



  • Director of Sales at LeverX, headquartered in Mountain View, California
  • Pre-sales subject matter expert for SAP Project Lifecycle Management

John Irvin


  • Director of Digital Transformation at LeverX, headquartered in Troy, Michigan
  • SAP Visual Enterprise services expert
unnamed (1)
unnamed (1)

Lars Olson


  • Solution Manager at SAP’s Digital Supply Chain organization, responsible for SAP’s 2D & 3D visualization solutions. 
  • 20+ years of experience in 3D visualization for Digital Products, Digital Manufacturing, and Intelligent Asset Management
  • Worked on integrating 2D & 3D visualizations across SAP’s on-premise, cloud, and mobile solutions

Teofil Sawickyj


  • Senior Solutions Architect at LeverX
  • 20+ years of experience in all facets of Design, Manufacturing, and Shop Floor Systems in SAP
Why should you participate?

Visualizing enterprise product management is vital for a simplified user experience, whether for a stakeholder, a product manager, or a system architect. And any product-related data should be easily browsed, managed, and shared across the enterprise.

Therefore, having a clear and comprehensive visualization tool ensures sustainable transparency of the application landscape and all related data. No matter what product you are developing, data visualization can help by delivering data in the most efficient way possible.

This time, LeverX will uncover how you can use engineering models in service and operations and share his tips on how decision-makers can significantly accelerate product development.

During this webinar, LeverX and SAP experts will be answering:

How to integrate visualizations with business metadata and associate them with enterprise structures?

How to get higher ROI and better conversion rates by detecting blind spots of the product?

How can visualization prevent crucial business issues such as information retention, and data losses during cloud migration?

Discover UX digital transformation with SAP Enterprise Product Development

  • Do you struggle to turn 3D design data into fruitful business processes?
  • Have you experienced difficulties while combining 3D CAD data with ERP?
  • Do you want to get the 360° view of the product from multiple perspectives?

    Сonnect available data and insights within one solution, thus delivering a clearer picture of business opportunities!
How can I join the webinar?

Fill up with the insights by watching the FREE SAP EPD demo in real time!

Get a complete understanding of how SAP EPD works.

Realize how deep visualizing product-related data results in a proper digital thread for the entire product lifecycle.

Receive customized recommendations depending on your business requirements.

Ask questions and get expert advice on using intelligent solutions to match your current business objectives!


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