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SAP Transportation management implementation for a transport company

LeverX helped a large transport company to achieve transparent reporting, reduce transportation costs, and optimize routes with SAP TM.

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LeverX helped a large transport company to achieve transparent reporting, reduce transportation costs, and optimize routes with SAP TM.


Large European transport company.


A European trucking company needed a system to enhance logistics processes, simplify data processing, and provide comprehensive reporting.


SAP TM meets all the requirements above and contributes to reducing transportation costs, streamlining carrier cooperation, and making logistics operations more transparent. The LeverX project team was responsible for the SAP TM implementation, customization, and integration with third-party solutions to provide unified infrastructure.

Project Scope

  • Among the key modifications to add into the standard SAP TM product was a module responsible for ferry transportation and developed from scratch.
  • Our team integrated SAP TM with a product for optimizing a truck finding process.
  • The customer uses a route optimization solution that defines the detailed routing for a tour. As soon as SAP TM itself lacks this option intended for trucks, we ensured the integration of the products taking into account all particular aspects.
  • Software for on-board units lets truck drivers get all info, such as the assigned tasks or predefined routes, and track their progress or inform about traffic conditions. This was also the third-party product we integrated with SAP TM in terms of the project.
  • Constant tracking of a truck provided by the customer’s product was also available. Thanks to the integration of SAP TM and the third-party software, it is now easy to get informed about the truck’s geolocation and key events, including loading/unloading, shipping, or delivery, as they are being reported automatically in real time.
  • We also involved SAP Event Management, an application that contributes to monitoring and managing events.

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SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM)
Optimize transportation management with LeverX and SAP TM. Streamline logistics operations, enhance visibility, and improve overall supply chain efficiency.
Enhance With SAP TM

Project Results

The SAP TM implementation allowed the European trucking company to:

  • Enhance logistics management.
  • Simplify transportation planning.
  • Gain more detailed and easy-to-use reporting.
  • Increase the visibility of all transport operations thanks to the automated event monitoring system, SAP Event Management.
  • Optimize transportation resource utilization.
  • Reduce transportation cost through the optimization of transportation routes.

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